Picks of the Week: Songs to Take You Back

Each week, Dartbeat asks a group of musically inclined students to recommend their favorite songs of the week according to a particular theme. This week we focus on songs to take you back in time and bring up waves of nostalgia. With the third (and largest) Dimensions weekend here, you’ve probably found your mind wandering to those first days setting foot on campus. Let these songs travel down memory lane with you!

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Trending @ Dartmouth

Prospies — this is the last weekend — we think?

HILLARY 2016 — Dartmouth is apparently not ready for Hillary…

CUNNINGHAM 2016 — …but very ready for Frank!

The Midterm Grind — Forgetting how many meals in a row you’ve eaten in the library #midterms #thestruggle

T-Pain and the Far East Movement — this photo, and our musical guests, are from 2010.

Courtesy of washingtonpost.com
Courtesy of washingtonpost.com


CS Prof: “In Scotland, people have pint and a shot of espresso at 8 a.m. — you guys would be right at home!”

’18: “Put the lone pine on crutches. You know, Band-Aids, an eye patch, amputated limbs…”
’16: “Why not just put a pile of branches where the lone pine was? How’s that for symbolism?”

’16: “Every time I go to Applebee’s, I think, ‘maybe this time it will be different?’”

Professor on Dartmouth Coach: “If I had to summarize Hanover in one sentence, I would say it’s a pleasant town with a lot of trees and preppily-dressed imbibing young individuals!”

Film prof: “They felt like they were judging their Englishness, and making sure, you know, that they were keeping it real. I can’t believe I just said that, that’s like hearing your dad say ‘rap.’”

’16: “It’s better to jump the gun rather than, you know, be chasing the gun.”

Dartbeat Asks: #TBT to Dimensions Past

Given that the third Dimensions weekend is kicking off, we thought we’d take the chance to ask students what they remember about their Dimensions experience. As you see prospective ’19s walking around campus today and tomorrow, try to remember what it was — whether you went to Dimensions or not — that first caught your eye about Dartmouth. When I went to Dimensions, I remember eating with my parents at FoCo and being blown away by the food, and although FoCo may not have the same charm that it did to me on day one, I’m still not ashamed to admit that food probably played a larger role in my college decision than it should have. Here’s what some of your peers remember about their time at Dimensions.

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Around the Ivies

Brown University: Around 50 students and alumni exercised their rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 to request personal records relating to their admission to the University, the Brown Daily Herald reported Wednesday. After students at Stanford University called upon students to invoke FERPA to view admissions records to better understand the admissions process and the impact of racial, income-based and legacy-based factors, students across the country began submitting requests to view their admissions files. Brown declined to share notes made by admissions officers, noting that the university had the right to define what consisted a “permanent record” under the law and did not consider admissions notes to be applicable.
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From the Archives

Now that MDF is in effect, you’re probably looking for some higher-proof Keystone alternatives. One (questionable) choice is Colt 45, a 6% ABV malt liquor most often sold in a 40-ounce bottle. If you go that route, what better way to advertise your drinking proclivities than purchasing one of these lamps for your dorm room? This ad was found in an issue of The Dartmouth from the late 1960’s, and describes the lighting accessory — and hopefully not the beverage — as “the light of your life.” We’re just curious how many students took them up on their offer.

Courtesy of Chris Leech, The Dartmouth Senior Staff
Courtesy of Chris Leech, The Dartmouth Senior Staff