Dear Lone Pining

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Life at Dartmouth can be hard, what with the harsh winters, D-Plan and limited social scene working against you. “Dear Lone Pining,” Dartbeat’s premier student advice column, is here to help! Anonymously submit your questions here and our lifestyle expert, Lone Pining, will help tackle your problems. Here’s what Lone Pining had to say this week:

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Trending @ Dartmouth

Snow: It’s basically May, yet we find ourselves digging our long-lost Bean Boots out of the closet.

Snapchat stories of the snow: Common captions include: “Wtf, Hanover,” “Wait, what,” “No, thanks” and “Grim.”

Novack hecklers: Strategy for passing through Novack these days: avoid all eye contact, pretend to be late for something and look as unapproachable as possible.

Panicking ’16s: With less than 50 days left until graduation, fill up on Foco cookies while you can, ’16s.

Matzah balls: Happy Passover, Dartmouth!

Spring Term in Graphs


It was a long time coming, but spring has finally sprung. This past week, there was an exponential increase in the number of people hanging out on the Green. And that got me thinking: How can I capture spring term at Dartmouth in graphs? I may not have known how to graph Canada’s production possibility frontier on my last Econ midterm, but I think I figured out how to map these more relevant trends (sorry, Canada):

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Missed Connections: Dartmouth Edition


Dartmouth is a small school. Odds are, if you don’t know someone personally, you’ve at least seen them around campus. Maybe there’s a guy you’ve had two classes with but never talked to, or a girl who is always at KAF at the same time. If you ever finally met each other, what would you say? Here are some hypothetical messages, inspired by the Missed Connections forum on Craigslist, that you might write to one of those ever-present yet always elusive classmates:

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