All Put Together

Painting my nails with my best friends is a tradition that started during sophomore summer. Every Friday night, my friends come over and we take over Hitchcock Hall’s common room. We talk about our plans for the night, problems, our fears of graduating next year,and pretty much everything else that you can think of. We always try to come up with some creative designs for our nails or try something that we saw on Pintrest. Warning: Pintrest ideas are usually an epic failure.


People often forget how much fun you can have with your nails. Nails are accessories. They help you put together an outfit, especially when you don’t have the perfect necklace to match your new J. Crew dress.


Clashing colors is always fun, whether it’s with your outfit or nails. Accent nails are perfect for color clashing. Try to use colors from the winter and fall with spring and summer colors, like these copper and coral nail polishes. There’s no reason why you should let perfectly good nail polish sit at the bottom of your makeup bag for two whole seasons.


Sometimes I buy nail polish because the color is so pretty. I tried it once and realized that this color might be a bit obnoxious for my fingernails and have never used it again. The solution: Pair bright colors with neutral colors. I like this design because the simple orange lines are noticeable but not too over the top; and the camel nail polish helps the orange stand out.


Camel by Dior and Holiday by Chanel (similar colors here and here)

You probably noticed the imperfections. Try using a sharpie for the lines — it will save you time and frustration.


A pretty color sometimes isn’t enough. This pretty blue was just a little too boring for my taste, so I decided to add some gold on the edges. It might seem like a tacky combination at first, but the gold is a really small touch. Remember that you can always play with your nails. They are meant to accentuate your outfit, so don’t worry about doing anything too crazy.


Turquoise and Caicos by essie and Keep Me on My Mistletoes by O.P.I by Sephora (similar color here)