Could You Look Happier Please?

By the time you’re reading this, we will have surprised our roommate, Maggie, by holding an early celebration at our house for her always-over-winter-break birthday.

By this time next week, Katie will be throwing things into her suitcase last-minute while Elizabeth studies for her last exam, and two days later we’ll be stuffing our faces and sleeping a lot.

By this time a month from now, we will be happily chafing from the wrapping up of our hiking trip in Texas and hopping on another plane.
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Best of the Campus Blotter 2015

Ah, the end of yet another term. It’s so close you can practically taste it. Or maybe that’s the taste of the Thanksgiving turkey you’re so eagerly anticipating. But before we part ways, let us take a stroll down memory lane in honor of a glorious 2015, full of cringe-worthy and laughable campus shenanigans. From bikes to booze and candles to chicken costumes, we present the best of the Campus Blotter.
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How Will Your Political Beliefs Change Through College?

College is a time when people’s political views separate from those of their parents. They branch out, experiment with new ideologies and authors and eventually form ideas of their own. A person who comes into college a conservative may leave an ardent left-winger, but someone who enters as a moderate liberal may end up a conservative. So how will college treat your views? See where you were when you entered and follow the flowchart to determine your ideological destiny.
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FoCo Joe: DIY Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Courtesy of Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff

Wow — where has this term gone? My final fall has come to its final days as I prepare for final papers and final exams. Finally.

This fall was a weird one, friends. The job search was — is — a time-consuming spiral of melancholy, and just when the worst of it was yet to come, the Dartmouth gods and goddesses sent us a week’s worth of mild weather. Who knew mild weather could actually excite me?

As this term comes to a close, I am confronted with one last pile of work — just one more epic of late nights at the library broken up by trips to Late Night Collis. Only one more week of wandering through the floors of Berry like a nomad in search of a workspace that also happens to be near my friends. Sometimes I am confronted with mirages of empty desks, only to see a backpack tucked underneath the chair. Alas, my journey continues.
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