Dartbeat Debates: Sophomore Summer’s Over- and Underrated Parts

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Last Thursday, the few, the proud, the (only) ’16 Dartbeat writers had a conversation about whether certain sophomore summer experiences were over- or underrated. For your sake, we’ve edited the conversation to give you our decisions — overrated, underrated or appropriately rated based on student perceptions — on quintessential sophomore summer activities. Get ready, 15X!
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Seat-Saving: The Ultimate Guide

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It’s week 10, graduation is near and ’15s are desperately looking for seat-savers. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is when people pay undergrads absurd amounts of money to show up on the Green two hours before graduation begins and sit in a chair so that the families and friends of graduates can sleep in. The people saving seats don’t even technically need to be awake to do this job. They just need to be alive and show up. This may be the only time in anyone’s life where they can get paid $50 or more an hour to just sit there. Continue reading

FoCo Joe At Home: Ghirardelli Square

I had so much fun last week at San Francisco’s weekly food truck festival, Off the Grid at Fort Mason, that when my friends suggested we go again this week, I couldn’t say no. Only this time, I wouldn’t be writing about other Off the Grid sweets, although there are so many more than the chocolate chip bacon cookie and the dark chocolate crème brûlée I sampled in last week’s column. I had my eyes set on a classic San Francisco treat, a sundae from Ghirardelli Square. It was only right to visit one of the most notorious tourist havens in the city for my final column of 15S. Call it a full circle kind of destination – beginning and ending with two essential treats, one of the west coast and the other of San Francisco.
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Sonic Space: It’s Week 10…

This was yet again one of those weeks in which I couldn’t find an album to review despite a large slew of quality new releases. All these albums, while good, haven’t moved me to anything beyond casual interest. Instead, I’ve put together a playlist of tracks both old and new that are infectious, if not always PG-13. I had no particular theme in mind when I cobbled these tracks together, but taken as a whole, I believe this playlist reflects the fact that its week 10 and I have officially given up on forming sentences with fewer than four curse words in them. I recommend listening to this playlist out of the earshot of small children.
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’17: “Water doesn’t taste good without lemon. It’s like.. naked.”

’15 (during power outage): “Do you have wifi? You make it look like you have wifi.”

’16: “Coral reefs are so cool.”
’17: “They really are. It’s such a bummer that they’re dying.”

’18: “[A student] just asked me if I was addicted to tea…”

’18: “Wait, milque and cookies is actually just milk and cookies? I always assumed it was something sexual so I never went.”