FoCo Joe: Cap’n Crunch Smores Cereal


I must admit, I am a big fan of Cap’n Crunch.  FoCo’s cereal selection in general truly astounds me; there really aren’t any great cereals missing from its collection.  This week, I knew I wanted to make something s’mores-related.  I’m not sure why I was craving smores so, most likely a symptom of the almost-end-of-summer blues.  Though there are no marshmallows, graham crackers or chocolate bars that I am aware of in FoCo, it is still very much possible to turn the s’more dream into an almost-reality.  I was more than satisfied substituting marshmallow spread (FlufferNutter) for marshmallows, chocolate syrup for chocolate bars, and Cap’n Crunch pieces for graham crackers.  Throw in some Reese’s Pieces for good measure, and boom! A smore’s cereal is born.   Step 1: Head over to the spreads by the toaster and place no more than a palm’s worth of marshmallow spread in a bowl.  Less is more when it comes to this stuff; it is sticky, filling and addicting.  Portion control is critical here.   Step 2: Over by the soft serve machine, drizzle on some chocolate syrup over the marshmallow spread.  Nothing too difficult here, especially since aesthetics are not a concern for this dessert!  It’s that… Read more »

9 Things We are Excited for in the Fall

Courtesy of NFL via

Sure, sophomore has been fun — okay, way too much fun — but it’s time we all realize that it’s finals week, and 14X will soon be a fable we tell our children and grandchildren about when we give them their “Dartmouth 2040” sweaters. But let’s try and find the silver lining of it all and figure out what we might have to look forward to during 14F. 1. Real Sports   Courtesy of the NFL and CBS via Summer is a great time to catch up on sleep, and baseball has certainly helped me nap on more than one occasion. Thank goodness we have some gridiron action to look forward to. 2. Football   Via I’m happy to throw a bone to our friends across the pond — after a great summer of international soccer, fans of ‘the beautiful game’ will be happy to see most European leagues start up over the next month.   3.  Leaf Peeping   Via My friend says that it just means the tree is under stress — he still can’t believe the summer is almost over — but savvy leaf watchers will note that reds and oranges are already popping up… Read more »

Hanover Ranked Fourth Safest Town in New Hampshire

Hanover is the fourth safest town in New Hampshire, according to the Movoto Real Estate Blog, which recently ranked the crime rates of towns with populations of 5,000 residents or more. The ranking was created using data from the 2012 Uniform Crime Report from the FBI, and was calculated by the number of crimes committed per 100,000 residents. The report shows that in 2012, Hanover had 98 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which included 71 incidences of rape, 27 assaults and 2,042 property crimes. Exeter was ranked first on the list, followed by Londonderry and Durham, respectively. Jesus Moreno ’16 said the ranking did not surprise him because he does not believe there is much motivation for crime in Hanover. Hanover Police has a significant presence in the town, Antonia Hoidal ’16 said, and she believes that would also deter most criminals from committing any crimes. “I feel like I see four police cars when I’m just walking across the Green” she said. “I can’t imagine why anyone would want to commit a crime while there’s so many police officers and [Safety and Security] officers around.” Some students expressed that the town’s ranking did not necessarily reflect how safe they feel the College is. Regan Roberts ’16 said… Read more »

Community Gathers to Honor Victims of Police Brutality

A group of students, faculty and staff gathered in the middle of the Green at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, the darkness broken up by the glow of candles, to remember victims of police brutality following the death of Michael Brown and subsequent protests earlier this month.

In addition to the moment of silence, which was broken only by the sound of traffic, students, professors and members of the community spoke about their own experiences with racism and violence. Like much of the vigil, the speeches were softly delivered, with the audience literally leaning into the circle.

Several times, speakers had to pause to compose themselves or to keep from crying. Two students also performed a song.

The event, which corresponded with a national moment of silence for victims of police brutality, racism, bigotry and intolerance, was organized by the College’s Afro-American Society.

The Various Stages of Formal Season


It’s that time of the term again, during which Dartmouth experiences a wonderful few weeks of students preparing to dress up in their fanciest clothes and break it down on the dance floor. That’s right, it’s formal season, and you may be experiencing at least six different emotions about it throughout the course of your day. Dartbeat knows how you feel and is happy to outline a course of strategy for you.

Disclaimer: I am not a guy and will therefore avoid pretending I know how any male at this school feels about formals. If my brothers’ attitudes toward high school proms are any indication, their feelings are likely in the range of neutral to indifferent. Guys, help me out here.

Step one: it’s week 9 and my life is over, a.k.a I don’t have a date yet.

Texts From Last Night, meet texts-during-daytime-in-which-I-casually-ask-you-to-formal.

LOL who are we kidding. I asked you to formal at tails last weekend. This text is to see if you remember.

Is texting too casual? Maybe I should flitz instead.

Nah, in person is probably best.

Just kidding, potential dates are never alone. I’m not asking anyone with… Read more »

FoCo Joe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars

Joseph Kind/The Dartmouth Staff

Dearest readers, do not be stunned by the length of this dessert’s name. This mouthful is “definitely in the top ten, maybe even the top five” best desserts I have ever made for this column, Laura McCulloch ’16 said. This dessert s a first for the column in many ways, at least in comparison to the other desserts I have made this summer. It is one of the first I have made that does not feature ice cream — a sad but true fact — and it is also the first dessert I have ever made that utilizes the raspberry preserves spread. It’s very light on the stomach, which is a bit of a departure from past creations. Hopefully my next “bar” will not require silverware, but my friends and I were happy with the results!

There is not much of an inspiration story this week: I finished my meal in FoCo after a swim practice (as usual) when I realized that I had yet to think of something fun to make for my column this week. So I pulled out my cell phone and flipped through some screenshots of photos from Instagram and the web, hoping to find some sort… Read more »