Fall Bucket List

A famous fall joke I like to tell is: What did one autumn leaf say to another? I’m falling for you. Just like this hilarious joke, fall term can be so much fun. Lovely leaves are falling, delicious pies are made and the cool climate makes it possible to have great outdoor events with friends. To make your fall term exceptional, here is a list of 30 things to try. 1. Enjoy Lou’s delicious apple cider donuts 2. Chase a squirrel 3. Visit King Arthur Flour before it closes 4. Go apple picking with friends 5. Participate in November Wagon Ride Weekends at Billings Farm & Museum 6. Set your clocks back on November 2, 2014 and enjoy an extra hour of sleep 7. Go hiking 8. Visit a corn maze 9. Get spooked at a haunted house 10. Decorate a pumpkin 11. Take pictures in fall foliage 12. Construct a leaf angel 13. Style out in fall fashions 14. Rush the football field during homecoming 15. Attend Hanover’s Farmers Market 16. Bake a tasty fall treat with friends 17. Run outdoors 18. Have a leaf fight with friends 19. Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” 20. Go on a haunted hay ride 21. Paint pinecones 22. Read books on Goodreads “Best Books to Read in the Autumn” list 23. Have a fall… Read more »

STORIFY: Returning for 14F

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Important 14F Dates

Things can get hectic at the start of term, so here is a comprehensive list of all the important dates you need to know to get through the first two weeks.

9/15: Fall term classes begin!

9/15: ’17s, this one’s for you. Add/Drop period begins at 8:00am. Instructor permission to add courses is not necessary.

9/17: Make sure to check in for fall term on Banner by Wednesday to avoid the $50 fine!

9/23: Okay, so you forgot to check in and were fined. No biggie. But this is the real deal – final day to check in without becoming liable for administrative withdrawal (if you are enrolled pattern shows an R).

9/28: Have your two, three, or four course load finalized.

9/29: Last chance to NRO that course you’re already super stressed about after the first two weeks.

9 Thoughts You’ve Had Crossing The Ledyard Bridge For the First Time in a Term


In honor of the impending first week of classes:
1. Why is it so cold already?  

2. Are the rumors about “Sussell Rage” true?  

3. I can’t wait to rush!

4. I can wait to rush.

5. Why does Hanover’s most famous bridge have so many giant balls on it? 

6. Are we actually supposed to run a half-marathon around that fire? 

7. Direct flights to Hanover would be pretty sweet.  

8. Why isn’t my iCal full yet?  

9. It’s good to be back.  

Whether you’re stepping on campus for the first time or entering your senior year, the Dartmouth community is thrilled to have you here for the fall.  Welcome home! 

STORIFY: DOC Trips 2014

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FoCo Joe: Cap’n Crunch Smores Cereal


I must admit, I am a big fan of Cap’n Crunch.  FoCo’s cereal selection in general truly astounds me; there really aren’t any great cereals missing from its collection.  This week, I knew I wanted to make something s’mores-related.  I’m not sure why I was craving smores so, most likely a symptom of the almost-end-of-summer blues.  Though there are no marshmallows, graham crackers or chocolate bars that I am aware of in FoCo, it is still very much possible to turn the s’more dream into an almost-reality.  I was more than satisfied substituting marshmallow spread (FlufferNutter) for marshmallows, chocolate syrup for chocolate bars, and Cap’n Crunch pieces for graham crackers.  Throw in some Reese’s Pieces for good measure, and boom! A smore’s cereal is born.   Step 1: Head over to the spreads by the toaster and place no more than a palm’s worth of marshmallow spread in a bowl.  Less is more when it comes to this stuff; it is sticky, filling and addicting.  Portion control is critical here.   Step 2: Over by the soft serve machine, drizzle on some chocolate syrup over the marshmallow spread.  Nothing too difficult here, especially since aesthetics are not a concern for this dessert!  It’s that… Read more »