’17: “Water doesn’t taste good without lemon. It’s like.. naked.”

’15 (during power outage): “Do you have wifi? You make it look like you have wifi.”

’16: “Coral reefs are so cool.”
’17: “They really are. It’s such a bummer that they’re dying.”

’18: “[A student] just asked me if I was addicted to tea…”

’18: “Wait, milque and cookies is actually just milk and cookies? I always assumed it was something sexual so I never went.”

10 Things to Appreciate During Summers Away from Campus

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios / via youtube.com

The end of the school year is often accompanied by sadness and nostalgia as we prepare to leave our beloved campus, best friends and KAF coffee. For those of us not remaining in Hanover for sophomore summer — namely, ’18s, ’16s and ’19s (are you out there?) — the next three months might look bleak, boring and even unappealing. But all hope is not lost — there are benefits in taking a break from Hanover too. Appreciate these as you wistfully cross out days in your countdown to 15F move-in day.
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