14F Roundup

Dating at Dartmouth: The Blind Leading the Blind

I must have reached adulthood because this summer my parents began talking about their retirement. “We won’t have to worry about being in a home,” they explained to my siblings and me. “Grace and her cats will just live with us!” Some background: my brother has had some sort of girlfriend for the past two years, my sister the same way since middle school. Me? My family likes to joke about my imaginary boyfriend “Steve.” I am quite literally the seventh wheel any time my family gets together. This is all to say that I am exceptionally qualified to write an article on dating, relationships and “whatever it is the kids are calling it.” We live in what, in my opinion, is the most confusing time ever to be seeking romance/relationships/whatever. I can’t even define what it is people are looking for anymore. The other day my friend told me, “We hooked up last night, but, like, do you think he likes me?” Me: Um. Or my personal favorite: “We’ve been hooking up for three months, but I don’t want to label it.” Uhh, you don’t want to label it because there is no label for the strange string of events… Read more »

Should You Streak A Final?

No one can dispute that Dartmouth is a little crazy when it comes to traditions — especially those that require any public display of nudity. Seriously, it’s like we come up with traditions (the Ledyard Challenge and Blue Light Challenge, for example) and then throw in a final streaking clause. Let’s face it — we love being naked.

So naturally, the biggest question Dartmouth students face around this time of the term is: should I streak a final?

If you are anything like me and showered in a bathing suit until you were 10, then this challenge probably isn’t for you. But keep in mind that streaking is never really acceptable after you graduate. So, if you want to relieve some stress during finals, put on your birthday suit and take a quick trip through FFB. The 60-year old you will thank you for it.​

6 Ways To Spend Your 6 Week Break

When I first heard we have six weeks off, Dartmouth’s weirdly long winter break sounded amazing to me. After all the stress of the term, who wouldn’t want six weeks to catch up with friends from home? But then as I looked at the actual dates, I realized the problem — no one else is going to be home as early as we are. Instead of midnight McDonalds runs with my best friends from high school (I’m from Oregon, there’s nothing better to do there), it looks like the beginning of my winterim is going to consist more of me, my dog and all the shows on Netflix I’ve been too busy to watch. While this doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend it, as a Dartmouth student I feel like I should be doing something more productive. So without further ado, here are the six best ways to spend your winterim (unless you’ve already signed up to do something like one of the Cabin and Trail hiking trips, in which case congratulations on not being as lazy as me). 1. Start/Break a habit It takes 21 days for your brain to internalize something as a habit. Why not… Read more »

Bizarre Gendered Products

DB Bronut

There are few things in this mortal life that I have ever been undoubtedly certain about, but if there’s one thing I know to be true without a shadow of a doubt it’s that 2014 is a wild time to be alive. When I asked the woman who lives in the alley behind CVS for astrological advice, as I often do, she told me it was because Mars ended retrograde and the moons of Jupiter exist. Not only are there women in several of my university classes, but many of them are also unmarried and interested in pursuing careers of their own after graduation. That I can handle. But now I hear talk that men are starting to cook their own dinners and no longer fight to the death before a roaring crowd to prove their masculinity. While the definitions of gender roles may be in a state of flux, we’re lucky that several companies have made it their mission to remind us that some things like chapstick and snack food are anything but a spectrum. The Bronut: “Hey bro, can I lick a little of that icing of your bronut real quick?” BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen: Finally… Read more »

FoCo Joe: Chocolate Chip Cookie “Jamwich” with Soft Serve and Shredded Coconut


Week nine hit me hard.  Normally, I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to make for a dessert before I enter FoCo, or at least a certain craving for chocolate or ice cream, for example. But I am still so hooked on my “Earthquake” dish I wrote about last week.  Today will be the 10th day in a row that I make myself some form of dessert featuring Greek yogurt, cereal, Reese’s Pieces, peanut butter and Nutella. Sometimes it can be difficult to move on, I suppose. Sitting in FoCo, thinking about what I was going to make this week, I perused my recently purchased Windows phone (about which I can write a thrilling novella). For those of you unacquainted with Windows 8, on Microsoft’s newest software system, apps show up on the home screen as tiles of different sizes.  Users can “activate” certain tiles, which makes the tiles flip between a blank tile with the name of the app and a photo with the heading of a new article to read. I was mindlessly flipping through the apps on the home screen, when a photo of a delicious looking cake on the phone’s pre-installed “Food &… Read more »