Campus Blotter

Mar. 27, 10:24 p.m., Observatory Road: Safety and Security officers received an anonymous report of a suspicious vehicle on Observatory Road. The vehicle reportedly stopped on the road and asked an individual if they needed a lift. The individual declined, and the vehicle left the area. A report was then filed for the vehicle’s suspicious activity.

Mar. 28, 9:16 p.m., Maynard Street Parking Lot: Safety and Security officers responded to a report of a white Kia Soul racing in Maynard Lot. Safety and Security officers contacted the Hanover Police Department, but the vehicle left the area before anyone was able to identify it.

Mar. 29, 1:48 p.m., South Massachusetts Residence Hall: A student living in South Mass reported 400 dollars stolen from their desk. There were no identified suspects at the time.

Dartmouth April Fool’s Pranks

April Fools’ Day is upon us again, and Dartbeat has put together a few ways to finally establish yourself as an evil mastermind — the ultimate prankster. Of course, your prank depends heavily upon whom you’re pranking, so we’ve divvied up our list of ideas based on just that. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t celebrate the holiday last year or if you’re known for your pranks and are looking to kick things up a notch. Either way, we’ve got you covered.
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Twelve Thoughts You Have While On an Off Term

Like about 50% of Dartmouth students, I migrated away from campus this winter for an off-term. I think the greatest proof of students’ intelligence at the college is the fact that most people who can migrate away from Hanover in the winter do. Yes, Dartmouth is great, learning is kool and snow is so pretty. But, sometimes you slip on black ice while running to a 9L, and while you’re lying on your back you find yourself thinking, “Maybe I’ll just stay here forever and slowly freeze.” Then you promptly reevaluate and decide to take next winter off.

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