Not just Wolves of Wall Street – Dartmouth Alums in Entertainment

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For most, Dartmouth is associated far more with sending graduates to Wall Street and Capitol Hill than to Hollywood, and the size of associated academic departments only reinforce this perception. Nevertheless, a number of Hollywood titans do call Dartmouth their alma mater. While I’m sure you’ve come to terms with the fact that the guy who golden-treed you last weekend probably will be making six figures upon graduation, you most likely haven’t yet imagined that the girl who sits in front of you in your 10 could be the next Mindy Kaling.  Connie Britton ’89 Most recently nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe Award for her role in ABC’s Nashville, Connie Britton has also been nominated for an Emmy for her roles in American Horror Story and Friday Night Lights. In an interview with The Dartmouth, Britton cited acting in “The Bacchae” as her favorite role of her Dartmouth acting career. Despite knowing she wanted to pursue an acting career, Britton majored in Asian studies with a concentration in Chinese and participated in the Beijing FSP. Rachel Dratch ’88                         A veteran comic, Rachel Dratch’s resume includes 30 Rock, The King of Queens, the mainstage of Second City and… Read more »

Working the Arts: Q&A With Jeff Hafner, ArtWorks Performer

Jeff Hafner ’02 let the music from his guitar fill the air of the Hopkins Center over spring break as College employees meandered, gazing at the art of their coworkers. On March 19 and 20, Dartmouth held its annual employee ArtWorks showcase featuring musical performances and an art display at the Hopkins Center. Michael Taylor, director of the Hood Museum, welcomed employees and guests. The Artworks showcase occurs each spring break and features the artistic endeavors of College employees, ranging from music to textiles. “Each year, ArtWorks highlights the many creative talents of Dartmouth employees in the visual and performing arts,” Taylor said in his speech at the event. “This year’s exhibition in Alumni Hall showcases the artistic talents of more than 50 Dartmouth employees including paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture, video, hand-blown glass, textiles and a variety of crafts.” Hafner, managing director of the Dartmouth College Fund and performer at the ArtWorks showcase, talked to Dartbeat about his performance at the event. What was your favorite part about performing “June Hymn” by The Decemberists and “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn? Hafner: I was impressed and very touched by the talent of and support from other staff members performing. I’ve known about ArtWorks… Read more »

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Comic Series: Double Secret Probation