College Rankings After Dark: Sex, Partying and Brains


It’s no secret that Dear Old Dartmouth dropped in rankings this year, according to a U.S. News and World Report that ranked it 12th in the nation. Speaking of numbers, we’re about to turn this post up to 11 and talk about how we stack up with the other top 20 schools on what really matters — attractiveness, writing, partying and sex drive, using some data from our good old friend OkCupid.
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ICYMI: Super Blood Moon

Courtesy of Amara Ihionu

Dartmouth students flocked to the golf course last night to witness a rare “super blood moon.” While those of us of an astronomical bent might be less than impressed with the “super” part of the phenomenon (see this comic for an explanation), the actual occurrence was pretty impressive. Below are some photos taken of last night’s moon from right here in Hanover. Continue reading

The Pitch Winners: Where Are They Now?

The Pitch, according to Neukom Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab executive director Lorie Loeb, is an event that “provides a place where students, faculty and staff can pitch their big ideas” before a live audience and panel of judges. The participants, 20 groups in total, have just two minutes each to present their innovations before the panel selects three winners. The audience also chooses a fourth.
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Man Buns of Dartmouth: The Trend and the Instagram


Among the recent questionable trends reputed to increase men’s attractiveness (read: Dadbod), there is one that stands alone in its undeniable, universal, feminine appeal: the man bun. Popularized by Jared Leto, the man-bun movement started gaining momentum this past fall. Although the style brings to mind celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, we need not look beyond Hanover to find guys rocking the glory of the man bun.
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