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Student’s React: EKT Switches to “Shake-Out” System

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Campus Blotter

April 11, 5:54 p.m., McNutt Hall: Parents of a prospective student reported that they lost track of their son. Safety and Security officers began to look for the individual and located him asleep in Sanborn Library. April 11, 11:31 p.m., Russell Sage Hall: Safety and Security officers responded to Russell Sage, where a female student claimed that she saw male students yelling at females out the window. April 12, 12:08 a.m., the Green: A male was located on the Green after suspicious activity in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. The individual misidentified himself before being identified as a temporary employee of the College. He fled the Green, but was found and taken to Grafton County Jail. April 12, 1:54 a.m., the Green: A Safety and Security officer observed a prospective female student staggering on the Green, and Hanover Police took the student to the police station. Her parents were notified. April 12, 11:57 p.m., Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity: Safety and Security cleared the house after observing a high number of people at an unregistered event. April 13, 2:34 a.m., Novack Café: Safety and Security officers located two intoxicated students, who were identified by security camera, in the bathroom of Novack Café. Both were admitted to Dick’s House… Read more »

Robo Recap

Student Assembly elections came after a jam-packed first two weeks of news. We have five candidates – one is a write in – battling it out for student body president. (Read their statements here.) They’ve campaigned on community and improving the little things around campus – like DDS and GreenPrint. Election results come out tonight, so check back here later on.
Rumors are flyin’ around campus about who our next commencement speaker will be – The D looked at the demographics of our past speakers and found a few notable trends.
Last Saturday’s Battle of the Bands brought tons to support the talented Big Green musicians. Take a look at Caela Murphy’s recap here.
Finally, we’re following the softball team’s beautiful season – the team is sweeping the Ivy League, pulling four wins against Yale last weekend.

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Through The Lens: Apr. 7 – Apr. 11

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: $100 Million

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the College recently got the largest single donation in its entire history – $100 million. It was an anonymous gift, which for me conjures up images of a masked ninja swooping in through a window with a giant check or pot o’ gold and swooping back out so no identities are revealed.  Besides the “Who is this moneybags?” question, there is a lot more I am wondering about this donation. Where will the money go? Could the timing of this vote of confidence have been better, at a time when Dartmouth is quickly becoming a national joke? Who has that much money anyway? I’m talking about have-your-own-fleet-of-jets money, throw-as-much-shade-as-you-want-and-nobody-can-say-anything-about-it money. If I had that much money, my toilets would for sure be made of gold. I could build my own college with that much money. But I digress. Here’s what we know – half of the money will be going to build out the academic experience at Dartmouth, and there is a matching program through the end of 2015 that will double the donation. I have more than a few suggestions for where else the money could go. Febreze the Green… Read more »

DartBike Rentals Make Having a Bike on Campus Easy

According to the DartBike Rentals website, the average student spends one hour walking every day. If you’ve ever lived in the River cluster, you’re probably especially aware of how much a bike could cut down your daily walking time. Unfortunately, lugging a bike to and from campus can often be a hassle, especially if you don’t live within driving distance. Luckily, DartBike has entered the scene to provide a bike rental service to students who don’t want to worry about storing and transporting a bike. For $100 a term, students receive a bike and lock that they can use throughout the term without having to worry about what to do with it when D-Plans send them elsewhere. The DartBike team, including co-founders Erik Nordahl ’16 and Daniel Reitsch ’16, will deliver the bike free of charge at the beginning of the term, and students can drop it off once it ends. “As an athlete on campus, I constantly found myself in a time crunch trying to balance school, practice and my social life,” Nordahl said in an email. “After I purchased my bike, I was amazed at how much time I saved.” However, acquiring a bike at Dartmouth was not… Read more »