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Through The Lens: June 23 – June 27

Molly’s Not-So-$2 Margarita


Times in Hanover certainly are a-changin’ with Molly’s Restaurant’s latest announcement of its first margarita price hike in 15 years. On July 1, the $2 margarita will become the $3 margarita; however, according to the sign now posted at each table, 50 cents of every margarita sold through the month of July will be donated. Of course, Molly’s recognizes that this is a big change in the Hanover community. On June 30, the restaurant will hold a farewell party for the beloved $2 cocktail with free appetizers as well as a chance to win prizes and gift cards. Don’t worry, the bread is still complimentary.

New Sexual Assault Policy To Be Adopted Incorporates Suggestions From The Community

Provost Carolyn Dever and departing Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson released the final sexual assault disciplinary policy in a campus-wide email yesterday. Called the Unified Disciplinary Procedures for Sexual Assault by Students and Student Organizations, the policy will go into effect for all undergraduate, graduate and professional school students June 19. The initial policy proposal was announced on March 14, and it has since undergone minor revisions. Changes to the original draft include the addition of definitions for the terms “incapacitation” and “intentional incapacitation,” as well as removing “aiding, abetting or inciting sexual assault” from the definition of sexual assault — these are now separate charges. Additionally, the final policy includes a section specifying that if the set of facts arising from a complaint under the new policy leads to alleged violations of other College policies or standards, then all claims will be investigated. The investigator designated under the new policy will determine responsibility for all claims. Allowance for the finding of any responsibility for the other claims will be determined by the disciplinary system of the alleged perpetrator’s school. The final policy removes the Title IX Coordinator from the Sanctioning Panel, as proposed in the draft, and replaces her with… Read more »

Chatting with Shonda Rhimes ’91

Award-winning screenwriter Shonda Rhimes ’91 delivered this year’s Commencement address. Creator, head writer and executive producer of television shows “Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” Rhimes was the 11th woman to address a graduating class as the featured speaker since the start of the 20th century. Just before Commencement, The Dartmouth talked to Rhimes about her memories of Dartmouth, her advice for graduating seniors and her plans for her trip to Hanover. (For our full Commencement coverage, click here and here.) Do you have any particular meals or activities planned for your time in Hanover?  I plan to eat at EBAs, because you have to have some EBAs while you’re there. I was talking to my freshman year roommate, and she was reminding me that the fries were particularly good, so I’m going to go have fries. I’m going to go check out my old dorms — freshman and sophomore year I was in the River cluster. I spent a lot of time in the Hop, because I did a lot of theater stuff, and I spent a lot of time in the library, in Baker at Sanborn because I was an English major, so I might go hang out there… Read more »

Change Is Coming


Tether App Allows On-Campus Ratings and Messaging with Friends

“Where should I eat?” and “Which frat should I go to?” are questions that many Dartmouth students often finding themselves asking. Bryan Crampton ’17, Mike Urbach ’14 and Chris Jung ’14 have created a new app to help answer such questions. Tether allows students to rate the crowdedness of dining areas, the library and the gym and comment on the activity at fraternities and sororities. The app also shows how many of your friends are currently at these locations.

“It’s always annoying when you go somewhere to eat but see that the line’s too long, and so then you decide to go somewhere else,” Jung said. “But users can check the app for other people’s ratings and comments to see how crowded a certain place is.” Tether overcomes the sluggishness of blitz and group messaging by allowing you to make plans with your friends on the spot. Once you “tether” your friends to a plan, they receive a notification on their phone. Since the app’s release on May 12, the team has encouraged students to use it, which will ultimately make the app work better. “It’s the type of project that relies on having large amounts of data and… Read more »