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Mad Dog 20/20: Don’t tell me what’s hard and what’s not.

#DartmouthMDF: Prohibition? Positive change? Whatever you think, MDF is here to stay.

T-Pain v. Chance the Rapper: Pick a side and tell PB about it.

Juno: Just enough snow that a 10A got cancelled, just too little for any of the 2A’s to.

Super Bowl Sunday


’17: “EBA’s is the only favorite on my phone…”

Prof. (British): “White in the USA. Sounds like a rock band.”

’15: “The funny thing is I never drink hard alcohol on campus. But Freedom! Liberty! Justice!”

Psyc. Prof: “I don’t know about you guys, but I put nasty stuff into my mouth all the time.”

’18: ”I didn’t study at all for my midterm because it’s all way too confusing, but I did have my textbook under my pillow for osmosis. (Pause). God, I don’t even know what osmosis is.”

Top 15 Yik Yaks of 15W

If you’ve been living in a hole — or maybe just holed up studying for midterms — and still haven’t heard of the popular college app Yik Yak, it’s time to get on that. After all, where else are you going to self-call about how low your GPA is, aggressively procrastinate and find out what other Dartmouth students have to say about everything from FoCo to boring lectures?

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From the Archives: The Best of Dartmouth Overheards 2006-2014

As many of our readers already know, Dartbeat has recently taken on the hefty responsibility of compiling Dartmouth Overheards each week. So, with midterms looming far too near in our futures and the Nor’easter dipping temperatures, we’ve decided to bring some joy to campus by digging back into the archives to find some of the best Dartmouth Overheard’s The Dartmouth has published since 2006. Don’t forget to check Dartbeat each Friday for campus’s latest Overheards, and all week for exciting online content!

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Campus Blotter

Jan. 24, 12:58 p.m., Occom Pond: Safety and Security officers responded to a report of an injured member of the faculty at Occom Pond. The member of the faculty had apparently fallen while skating, and was evaluated for an elbow injury by Dartmouth EMS.

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If Dartmouth Administrators Had Twitter

Hanlon Tweet

Here @Dartbeat, we’ve tweeted @HanlonStache enough times to realize that our esteemed President, despite having a tremendous mustache, is not in fact on twitter. So, to fill the void left by his and other administrator’s absences, we’ve imagined what the twitter profiles of President Phil Hanlon ’77, Director of GLOS Wes Schaub, Undergraduate Dean Natalie Hoyt and Provost Carolyn Dever might look like. We’ve also re-imagined the twitter of Dean of Admissions Maria Laskaris, who hasn’t used her account since 2012, when she sent a grand total of four tweets.

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