The Definitive Ranking of Dartmouth’s Presidents’ Hairstyles


After hours of deliberation, I have compiled the most influential list of our time: a ranking of Dartmouth presidents by hairstyle. I carefully examined each hairstyle, looking for creativity, manageability, shape and texture before determining my score. It ultimately came down to how well the presidents worked with the hair they had. Some hair defied gravity, some hair grew in thick and others’ hair stopped growing in.  My final verdict: while being Dartmouth’s president may be one of the most chic jobs out there, be warned that it may also cause hair loss.  Without further ado, here are the 18 most stylish presidents, in order from meh to oh la la!   18. Rev. Nathan Lord (6th president, 1828-1863)                         SCORE: 1.5/10 Even at age 38, it appeared  Rev. Nathan Lord’s hair was still growing in.   17. John Sloan Dickey (12th president, 1945-1970)                       SCORE: 2.5/10 This hairstyle is what I like to call “the presidential mullet.”  It’s all business in the front, but I can tell that there’s a party in the back.   16. Ernest Martin Hopkins (11th president, 1916-1945)… Read more »

Five Signs You Live on the Top Floor of Your Dorm

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1. You’re super warm and cozy in the winter.








2. But as soon as spring hits, it gets so hot in your room that you can barely breathe.

3. And you find yourself waking up before your alarm every morning just to remember what coolness feels like.











4. If the washers and dryers are in the basement, then carrying your laundry up and down the stairs has been a constant struggle.











5. You kind of like being labeled one of the “mysterious kids from the top floor.” But then you walk onto the wrong floor in your stair-climbing exhaustion, and mistakingly walk into what you thought was your room.


PB&Jams: Manchester Orchestra

Samantha Webster, The Dartmouth Staff

  Before their show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this November, the members of Manchester Orchestra stood smoking on the sidewalk. My friend Hannah, with her have-no-fear and get-it-done self, encouraged me to suck up my awkwardness (something I’ve had to do on many an occasion) and talk to them. We arrived early with the intention of getting a good spot, and were greeted by a bouncer with a caring but judgmental warning — “It’s freezing, go get some coffee and come back in a bit.  Thirty minutes and a latte later, we found ourselves at the front of the line. With our tickets in hand and teeth chattering, we were listening to sound check when the band came out, as epically understated as ever. Hannah pushed me in their direction with a reassuring smile, and all I was able to muster (while standing there shivering) was that I loved their music and I’d never gotten sick of it even though I’ve listened to their entire discography about a million times. Ugh, I know — pathetic. Where’s the reference to that one guitar riff that is always stuck in your head or the lyrics that you can’t stop thinking… Read more »

Through The Lens: Apr. 14 – Apr. 18

What Should You Do On This Beautiful Spring Day?

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The temperature has finally climbed above 70 degrees more than once this term, and despite the questionable snowstorm and some persistent rain, sun dresses and salmon shorts dotting the Green are sure signs that spring weather has come to Hanover. With this nice weather brings the need to fill our time with outdoor activities (because who can survive the stacks when it’s above 60 degrees outside?). Our focus may suffer, but it will be worth it when we establish a nice base tan (or burn) for the warm days ahead. So what should you do now that it’s bearable to be outdoors? Follow the chart for a few ideas.

The Eight Stages of Deciding Whether or Not to Go Out


1. I think I’m going to stay in, I’m not feeling too ragey tonight…












2. Good call! I can probably get some homework done, too.











3. On second thought, I don’t want to do too much work. If I’m staying in, I deserve to at least watch a movie!









4. But if I’m going to waste time and not even get any homework done, I might as well spend that time out, right?









5. Some of my friends are going out, too… I can watch a movie on any night.











6. NO. You’re exhausted and have work to do. Get your priorities straight.














7. *Insert burst of energy here*











8. Out I go.