9 Things We are Excited for in the Fall

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Sure, sophomore has been fun — okay, way too much fun — but it’s time we all realize that it’s finals week, and 14X will soon be a fable we tell our children and grandchildren about when we give them their “Dartmouth 2040” sweaters. But let’s try and find the silver lining of it all and figure out what we might have to look forward to during 14F. 1. Real Sports   Courtesy of the NFL and CBS via Summer is a great time to catch up on sleep, and baseball has certainly helped me nap on more than one occasion. Thank goodness we have some gridiron action to look forward to. 2. Football   Via I’m happy to throw a bone to our friends across the pond — after a great summer of international soccer, fans of ‘the beautiful game’ will be happy to see most European leagues start up over the next month.   3.  Leaf Peeping   Via My friend says that it just means the tree is under stress — he still can’t believe the summer is almost over — but savvy leaf watchers will note that reds and oranges are already popping up… Read more »

The Various Stages of Formal Season


It’s that time of the term again, during which Dartmouth experiences a wonderful few weeks of students preparing to dress up in their fanciest clothes and break it down on the dance floor. That’s right, it’s formal season, and you may be experiencing at least six different emotions about it throughout the course of your day. Dartbeat knows how you feel and is happy to outline a course of strategy for you.

Disclaimer: I am not a guy and will therefore avoid pretending I know how any male at this school feels about formals. If my brothers’ attitudes toward high school proms are any indication, their feelings are likely in the range of neutral to indifferent. Guys, help me out here.

Step one: it’s week 9 and my life is over, a.k.a I don’t have a date yet.

Texts From Last Night, meet texts-during-daytime-in-which-I-casually-ask-you-to-formal.

LOL who are we kidding. I asked you to formal at tails last weekend. This text is to see if you remember.

Is texting too casual? Maybe I should flitz instead.

Nah, in person is probably best.

Just kidding, potential dates are never alone. I’m not asking anyone with… Read more »

Songs of the Summer: 14X

Every Dartmouth term has certain songs that define the quarter and will always bring you back to a great afternoon by the river or a midnight snowball fight, and 14X is no exception. Here’s Dartbeat’s rundown, in no particular order, of iconic sophomore summer 2014 songs: “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor This song is so catchy and upbeat that it makes all of us want to live in whatever pastel-colored kingdom Trainor is dancing in for the song’s enchanting music video. And with its message about positive body image, it was, of course, a prime choice for a performance at the Tabard’s “Lingerie.” “Problem” by Ariana Grande, featuring Iggy Azalea While the debate over an alleged copycat scenario between Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey rages on, Grande’s spot on this list is clear. From working out to dancing in a frat, this song is perfect for all pump-up situations. “Riptide” by Vance Joy Let’s just hope no one gets caught in a riptide while attempting the Ledyard Challenge. The song’s light acoustic windings are the best soundtrack for an afternoon of tanning at the swimming docks or your ride to the copper mines. “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX… Read more »

Fieldstock: Expectations Versus Reality

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Expectation: Green Key multiplied by sophomore summer equals crazy amounts of fun.

Reality: We had a long Fourth of July weekend and weeks of summer fun, so this was probably too much to ask for. Remembering that there’s only a couple weeks of warm weather before Green Key, and part of its novelty is finally being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt.


Expectation: You’ll be outside all day, enjoying the sunshine, lying on the Green and generally frolicking.

Reality: Sleeping in your air conditioned cave through all that sunshine.


Expectation: Big weekends aren’t for work! They’re for fun!

Reality: A shorter term and the fact that you haven’t wanted to think about exams for weeks means you’ve got to grind out some study hours.


Expectation: One full day by the river, swimming, kayaking and perfecting your tan.

Reality: The same reality that’s why half of campus has never been to the River Cluster: it’s a long walk, by Dartmouth standards. Doing the ice bucket challenge will cool you off too.


Expectation: There’s a puppy party during the block party?

Reality: Everything I hoped for and more.

What the ’15s Think About Our 14X Photos

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As the weeks go on, ’15s off-campus have been enviously eyeing our Facebook albums and recalling their own carefree days of sophomore summer. Some albums have acquired witty X-themed titles, some are still “14X” and waiting for that perfect what-x-word-has-no-one-used-yet vibe, and all of them are inspiring the upperclassmen waiting to come back to campus to try and somehow relive sophomore summer in whatever city their current internship is in. This, dear ’16s, is what the ’15s actually think about your sophomore summer album. At first, they’re super jealous and bitter. Via But they pretend not to be. Badly. “OMG have so much fun!” Via So much nostalgia. And FOMO. Via Whatever, 13X was so much better. Via Copper Mines? Baker Tower photos? Frolicking? Please, we did all of that x1000. Via They pretend they have tons of cool things going on their lives. They don’t have time to stalk your silly album. Courtesy of Warner Bros./via They can’t help it. They come visit for a weekend. Via I As your album comes to a close, they realize how close they are to senior year. Wut. Via Time to start mentally preparing… Read more »

Unconventional Advice for ’18s

As summer term winds down, the imminent arrival of a whole new Dartmouth class is starting to dawn on the rest of the student body. You may be feeling nostalgic, looking back to those last months before you came to campus, reading through The D’s freshman issue and panicking over the possibilities for your future roommate. Back then, your knowledge of Dartmouth was confined to what was present in the mass media and maybe some tidbits of advice from your Dimensions host or an older sibling or friend who went here. And now you, the ’18s, are experiencing similar sentiments. However, there are some things the freshmen issue won’t tell you, and things your siblings or friends wouldn’t think to tell you. But don’t worry, Dartbeat has your back. PSA: This list ended up being much more real than my planned absurdity. Clearly nostalgia is hitting and I’m in denial about the limited time I have left here. 1. Switch to the BlockChoice 5 or SmartChoice 45 meal plans as soon as possible, unless you’re an avid FoCo-goer. I vividly remember the one week during freshman fall when I actually succeeded in using all 20 meal swipes. 2. On that… Read more »