From the Archives: Dartmouth iPhone Apps in 2010


From the Archives: Dartmouth iPhone Apps in 2010


Five years ago this week, Emma Alexander ’10 suggested Dartmouth-themed iPhone apps in her cartoon column, “Phreddie.” Her ideas were as follows:

I’m all on board for one through three — but four? Hmmm, not sure we really need an app to send our drunk messages for us…

What Dartmouth Students Say vs. What Dartmouth Students Mean

Here @Dartbeat, we’ve noticed that many of our Dartmouth peers (read: you guys) often have hidden, deeper meanings behind what they say — and not always in a good way. In fact, in our time collecting overheards, we’ve come to realize that a number of the phrases you bandy about in your day-to-day interactions lack any semblance of authentic meaning and should instead be interpreted in dramatically unrelated ways. So, in order to help you communicate more effectively, we’ve decided to sit down and compile a handy-dandy lexicon: what Dartmouth students say vs. what Dartmouth students mean. If you think we’ve missed one of campus’s most popular phrases — or if you think we’ve translated any of these incorrectly — let us know by commenting or tweeting @dartbeatblog!

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Trending @ Dartmouth

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#DartmouthMDF: Prohibition? Positive change? Whatever you think, MDF is here to stay.

T-Pain v. Chance the Rapper: Pick a side and tell PB about it.

Juno: Just enough snow that a 10A got cancelled, just too little for any of the 2A’s to.

Super Bowl Sunday


’17: “EBA’s is the only favorite on my phone…”

Prof. (British): “White in the USA. Sounds like a rock band.”

’15: “The funny thing is I never drink hard alcohol on campus. But Freedom! Liberty! Justice!”

Psyc. Prof: “I don’t know about you guys, but I put nasty stuff into my mouth all the time.”

’18: ”I didn’t study at all for my midterm because it’s all way too confusing, but I did have my textbook under my pillow for osmosis. (Pause). God, I don’t even know what osmosis is.”


’17: “I just need to look sexy conservative before I go out, you know?”

Geography Prof (in Fairchild): “Famous last words, but that fire alarm is definitely over in Burke.”

 ’18 #1: “This FoCo burrito tastes just like Chipotle!” ’18 #2: “You’ve clearly never been to Chipotle.”

’15: “What’s the opposite of a capital letter?”

’17: “He had a KAF face, but a novak body.”

Experiential Learning: A Visit to The Chocolate Shop

Courtesy of Christyn Karol

Courtesy of Christyn Karol / via

Last week, The Dartmouth reported on the opening of a new chocolate store, My Brigadeiro, in Hanover. This week, in a desire to leave no chocolate stone unturned, we sent a reporter to The Chocolate Shop, Hanover’s other chocolate emporium, located on 3 Lebanon Street. What follows is an account of our reporter’s trip. With the winter season in full swing, I have come to find that the pleasure of my day often varies directly compared to the work I’m willing to put into exploring the outdoors. While it is tempting to hide away in my dorm until the sun decides to start working again — sometime around June, I think — I’ve found it’s even more tempting to get outside and find a way to enjoy what I love. And one of the things I love, I must admit, is chocolate.  So when Dartbeat asked me to visit The Chocolate Shop in Hanover, I jumped at the chance. In all honesty, The Chocolate Shop has always been a favorite place of mine. Disappointingly, however, it has come to my attention that many people — my editor included — do not even know that The… Read more »