’17: “I just need to look sexy conservative before I go out, you know?”

Geography Prof (in Fairchild): “Famous last words, but that fire alarm is definitely over in Burke.”

 ’18 #1: “This FoCo burrito tastes just like Chipotle!” ’18 #2: “You’ve clearly never been to Chipotle.”

’15: “What’s the opposite of a capital letter?”

’17: “He had a KAF face, but a novak body.”

Experiential Learning: A Visit to The Chocolate Shop

Courtesy of Christyn Karol

Courtesy of Christyn Karol / via

Last week, The Dartmouth reported on the opening of a new chocolate store, My Brigadeiro, in Hanover. This week, in a desire to leave no chocolate stone unturned, we sent a reporter to The Chocolate Shop, Hanover’s other chocolate emporium, located on 3 Lebanon Street. What follows is an account of our reporter’s trip. With the winter season in full swing, I have come to find that the pleasure of my day often varies directly compared to the work I’m willing to put into exploring the outdoors. While it is tempting to hide away in my dorm until the sun decides to start working again — sometime around June, I think — I’ve found it’s even more tempting to get outside and find a way to enjoy what I love. And one of the things I love, I must admit, is chocolate.  So when Dartbeat asked me to visit The Chocolate Shop in Hanover, I jumped at the chance. In all honesty, The Chocolate Shop has always been a favorite place of mine. Disappointingly, however, it has come to my attention that many people — my editor included — do not even know that The… Read more »

7 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year, but at least here @Dartbeat we’ve already given up on our tricky resolutions like “do the reading” and  “exercise more.” So, in order to help ourselves and other failing self-improvers, we’ve decided to put together a list of more feasible changes you can make this year to marginally better your life. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? 1. Don’t eat more than one FoCo cookie a day. You’ve already given up on eating healthy, but this seems like a pretty moderate compromise. Courtesy of PBS / via 2. Floss. LOL via 3. Drink at least four cups of water a day. They say to drink eight, but that honestly seems a little time-consuming. And four is better than one cup of water and a keystone, right? Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures / via 4.  Don’t go negative in DBA. Yeah it rolls over now, but how sure of that can you really be? via 5.  Be on time for class. Scratch that. Just make it to class. Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures / via 6.  If you are late, run! Run!!! Congratulations. You exercised. via 7.  If… Read more »


’16 (singing): “Do you want to build a snowman?” ’16 #2: “No, I want to go to a school where it doesn’t snow all the time.”

Econ 20 Prof: “Look to your left, look to your right. One of you is going to get a C.”

’15 (working on a cover letter): “Bro, how do you spell success?” ’15 #2: “S-U-C-S-S?”

’18: “…So you know how my mom is sometimes racist?”

’15: “At this point, I just use cough drops as breath mints when I go out.”

History Prof: “Anyone having relationship struggles these days?”

Welcome Back!

Josh Koenig, The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Welcome back to 15W! Here at Dartbeat, we’re just as thrilled as you are (read: not particularly thrilled) to see snow on the ground. But we do have an exciting announcement about this winter, and we hope you’ll find it exciting too.

Starting this week, in an editorial shift, Dartbeat will become the new home of former Mirror features “Trending@Dartmouth” and “Overheards.” Nothing will change about these features except where you can find them online and where you should send in your suggestions. So if you see something this quarter, say something by tweeting us @dartbeatblog, shooting us a blitz at [email protected], or posting on our Facebook page.

Happy New Year, and see you trying to find a table in Foco soon!

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