Dartmouth Admissions: Part Seven

My brain is dumb. My brain is dumb because every term, without fail, I yearn for all of my classes to be over, to speed through each week so I can finally fall asleep without accidentally dreaming about computer science. My brain, however, can’t quite understand that when my classes end, the term ends and I reluctantly have to leave this place. Well, not really this time, 15X forever! Continue reading

A (Fake) Interview with T-Pain

Now that Green Key has officially come to a close, there is a general feeling of sadness (read: crippling depression) in knowing that all we have left to look forward to is finals. And though most of you are still working hard to piece together what little you remember from last weekend, this is pretty much the gist of it: There was a lot of BBQ and Penn Badgley’s break-out performance as a microphone seducer, followed by a line-up of Misterwives (killed it), Far East Movement (kinda killed it) and T-Pain (the less said the better). Luckily for me, I got the chance to sit down with T-Pain and talk to him about his first Green Key experience. Thankfully he showed up more than willing to talk to this Dartbeat shawty, and brought with him not only his hype man but pretty much all of 2002. Continue reading

An Afternoon with the Medieval Enthusiasts at Dartmouth

When I asked Connor Pollock ’17, treasurer for the Medieval Enthusiasts at Dartmouth, or MEaD, whether all the members of the club had created a medieval alter ego to go with their medieval gear, he smiled like it was a joke he had heard a million times.

“A lot of people in the group end up adopting alter ego things — it varies in the amount of seriousness,” he said.

As it turns out, “it varies in the amount of seriousness” would be a pretty good unofficial motto for a variety of things the enthusiasts do.

Courtesy of Will Peisch
Courtesy of Will Peisch

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