QUIZ: Which B-Side Late Night Food Are You?


You’ve arrived at Late Night, a little too late. You look around at your options: cucumber seltzer, beans and rice, gluten-free pasta and the last container of sushi (Why is it the only one left? Why does no one else want it?) You begin to feel weirdly sad for these rejected items, and suddenly it hits you–what if you were a b-side late night food option? We can’t all be mac & cheese bites, so where do you stand? Find out here: Continue reading

Q&A: Collis Steve After Dark

We all know who Collis Steve is, and if you don’t, a) you’re lying b) you’re a liar or c) you sit on a throne of lies.

Picture this: as you reach for your meal, you lock eyes with the doppelganger of Peeta Mellark from “The Hunger Games” (2012). But Peeta didn’t do anything except lie around most of the time, and Collis Steve has just whipped up a dope stir-fry custom-made for you, so he definitely wins. You wonder whether the weird feeling in your stomach is post-12s hanger or a…deeper yearning. You pretend it’s the former and leave politely.
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Attention 19s: 8 Dining Hall Rules No One Told You

If you’re a ’19, you’re probably already aware that upperclassmen love poking fun at you for not picking up on things that are just part of the Dartmouth culture. As you adapt to life here, your days will become less rife with opportunity to embarrass yourself, we promise. But lucky for you, Dartbeat is here to speed up that process. Here are eight dining hall rules (applicable in FoCo and a sprinkling of other places that offer satiation) you need to get down.  Continue reading

Fauxracha at FoCo: Uncovering a Conspiracy

Courtesy of Rebecca Rodriguez

You pick up a bowl of bibimbap at World View, being careful not to burn yourself on the piping hot stone, err…plastic bowl and breathe in the delicious aroma of sub-par Korean cuisine. You notice it’s missing a little something and head over to FoCo’s condiment section. As you reach out for what would be the perfect compliment to your meal, you realize something is wrong. There is no green cap on this red bottle of sauce…it’s…yellow? What you’re holding is, in fact, fauxracha.
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STORIFY: #PoopInTheSoup

UPDATE: #poopinthesoup appears to be a false rumor. Fortunately, the soup at Collis remains safe for consumption.