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Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 3 (The Elite ‘Ate’)


This week definitely saw a weaker voter turnout despite some tight races between. I am going to attribute it to the stomach bug and fever going around, but is everyone too sickly to even contemplate food?! Ah well, the battle must continue. Now comes the time to pick the final four and see which food is the most popular at each dining hall. Collis: Stir-fry (55%) > Mozz sticks (45%) Smoothies (57%) > Pasta (43%) It is hard for me to let mozz sticks and pasta leave the competition, and I don’t seem to be alone, according to the close races. While I personally am just too impatient to wait in line for smoothies and stir-fry, I guess there is a reason the line is always so long. Stir-fry and smoothies also seem like warmer weather options, so perhaps many of us are yearning for the spring – this 70 degrees to snow in 48 hours fluctuation needs to stop. FoCo: Chocolate chip cookies (86%) > Pizza (14%) General Tso’s Chicken (52%) > Pierogies (48%) Anything that goes up against chocolate chip cookies never seems to even stand a chance. Will General Tso’s chicken be the first worthy competitor? The dessert section seems to be preferred at FoCo,… Read more »

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 2

Appetizing April 2

Since over 400 of you voted in the polls last week, it seems like food really is a priority for many of us. Some have noted that I didn’t seed the entries, and that was intentional — I wanted to use the polls to answer some of my personal research questions about what is the top choice between relatively similar types of offerings. Also, I didn’t include Novack (or the East Wheelock Snack Bar for that matter) because they don’t offer nearly as many freshly made options as the other dining locations do. Collis: Mozzarella sticks (52% of the votes) barely beat out chicken tenders (48%) to move on to the next round. This one was of particular interest me since I can never seem to choose between the two at Late Night Collis. Luckily, it’s generally pretty easy to get both and avoid the decision-making! Mozzarella sticks will be competing against stir-fry (64%), which beat sushi (36%) by a wide margin. I have been on a fresh sushi kick lately (partly because I don’t want to wait in the long pasta or stir-fry lines) so I would have chosen differently. But, the people have spoken! So begins the next Collis… Read more »

Finals Food Timeline

8:00 a.m. – Your alarm goes off. Come on, 8 a.m.? Who are you trying to fool —  you promptly fall back asleep. 10:30 a.m. – You wake up for real this time, grab everything you need for the day and head to KAF. 10:45 – 11:00 a.m. – You wait in line. With each passing minute you assess the dwindling stock. Your heart sinks as the person in front of you orders the last yogurt parfait, but you settle for granola with milk and a large coffee. 11:00 a.m. – You wander through Baker-Berry looking for an available spot, silently cursing the try-hards who actually woke up at 8 a.m. and have stolen all of your preferred haunts. You eventually find room on Stacks level five. At this point you have finished your coffee, so at least you can check that off the list. 11:15 a.m. – You set up shop and skim through your readings while you eat. But constantly switching back and forth between your granola and your earth sciences textbook is distracting you, so you decide to hold off on the work while you focus on the task at hand: breakfast. 11:35 a.m. – One KAF granola cup and four BuzzFeed articles later, it’s… Read more »

Let’s Play A Love Game

In my long and arduous search for what to do at 10 p.m. on a Friday night, I happened to stumble upon a blitz from Collis After Dark advertising the Valentine’s Day Newlywed Game. The competition — an event pitting Dartmouth couples against one another in a fight to the death (for gift cards) to determine which couple knows each other best — immediately reeled me in. There are two things I love more than the shimmering glow of Webster Avenue on a Friday night, and those two things are game shows and gift cards. And I suppose the same applies to my boyfriend  who was also more than down to prove our hours spent quizzing each other about meaningless details could finally pay off. After a Valentine’s Day dinner spent reviewing each other’s lives over fettuccini, we strolled into Collis Common Ground ready to do some damage. It’s hard to be deeply competitive when you’re facing off against four loving couples on Valentine’s Day while they hold hands and wish each other luck, but we were prepared for serious combat. The battle began with questions for all five couples, with one member writing his or her answer on a… Read more »

Muzicka charms Collis with traditional Czech melodies


Dozens of community members gathered in front of Collis Wednesday evening, eager to listen to the colorfully dressed and enthusiastic Czech music ensemble Muzicka, which is on its debut trip to the United States. Violins, a viola and a bass strummed lively tunes alongside a clarinet and a flute, but the center of attention was the cimbal, a traditional Eastern European folk instrument that a casual observer might mistake for a table. The musician strikes the strings stretched across the table’s top with small beaters, creating traditional Eastern European folk music. The group is called a cimbalovka in Czech, meaning an ensemble focused on the cimbal. The band’s playful costumes and spirited songs piqued the interest of passing students who stopped to watch and snap photos on their phones before continuing on their way or settling in to listen to the group over Collis stir-fry. Violinist Elizabeth Shribman ’10 is participating in Muzicka’s 25-day tour of the Northeast. Shribman speaks fluent Czech and lives in the Czech Republic. Despite the band’s lack of English lyrics, the crowd continued to grow as two members of the group began to run and skip in traditional dance. Lexi Krupp ’15 said she was… Read more »

DDS reduces dining options for the summer term


Students in Hanover for summer term will have one less DDS location to choose from. Courtyard Cafe will be closed this term, as it typically has been for the past few summers. “We realized with only a quarter of students on campus, we didn’t need to have 100% of the dining halls open,” said David Newlove, Director of Dartmouth Dining Services. Because of the popularity of Collis Cafe, and the variety and capacity of ’53 Commons, closing Courtyard Cafe proved to be the most economical decision for the summer. Within ’53 Commons, students will also find that the options are reduced. Both the Pavilion and Worldview stations are closed for the summer. The employee hours are shifted from the closed stations to extended evening hours. From 8:30 pm to 10 pm every night, The Grill, The Hearth, the salad bar and the dessert bar will be open in ’53 Commons to fill the late-night dining option gap created by Courtyard Cafe’s closing. Additionally, the operating hours of Collis Cafe have been altered from last term’s schedule. Late Night Collis will close at 12:30 am, an hour earlier than in past terms, and open at 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, according to the… Read more »