DDS Detective: Balsamic vinegar & peaches


Two summers ago, I tasted for the first time what would become my favorite sweet and savory combo since peanut butter and strawberry jelly: balsamic vinegar and peaches. It was a hot summer day in Hanover, and my housemates and I had finally decided to use the grill that we had — um — borrowed from a certain academic department. It was pretty simple: we sliced up some peaches, tossed them in balsamic vinegar and threw them on the grill. The peaches were messy, and the balsamic vinegar got all over our clothes, but the taste was pure bliss. I have not had the opportunity to grill peaches since that day, but I have developed what I think is the best way to recreate this delicious duo in DDS: Peach-Balsamic Salsa.


1. Get about six peach slices from the Collis smoothie bar and coat them lightly with balsamic vinegar (a little goes a long way here).

2. Add a scoop of corn.

3. Get a bag of sweet potato chips

4. Microwave all of that for about a minute, and mix in a little of bit of the Collis salsa (you can find this past the register).


DDS Detective: Mango crunch


People often ask me whether I actually make the creations I suggest in this column. The answer is yes, I do. But there are some recipes I make more than others. In the case of this recipe, I make it every single day. Sometimes twice. Sometimes three times.
You know when you are looking for a healthy dessert but aren’t feeling a banana or an apple and want something with a little more substance? That is what this is.
I made it on Thursday. I made it again on Friday. I would have made it again today, but Collis Cafe is closed. Seriously, if you have any interest in mangoes whatsoever, try this recipe. Continue reading

DDS Detective: Fried eggs and spinach with yogurt

PRIYA KRISHNA/The Dartmouth Senior Staff
PRIYA KRISHNA/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

I don’t eat eggs that often. My sister hates them because they make her feel nauseated, and I suppose from the transitive property (is that how that works?), sometimes I do too. Consequently, it takes a pretty solid egg dish to impress me — that usually means either something really out of the box or just loaded with cheese. A few days ago, I found the former. This dish combines spinach, onions and Greek yogurt to create one of the most pleasantly surprising plates of eggs I have had in a while. Continue reading

DDS Detective: Strawberry balsamic sundae

PRIYA KRISHNA/The Dartmouth Senior Staff
PRIYA KRISHNA/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

I love unexpected combinations, like chocolate and chili peppers or jalapenos and pineapple on pizza (just try it — trust me). One such combo that has always intrigued me the most is the marriage of balsamic vinegar and fruit — specifically, strawberries. Most of us know balsamic vinegar as a dip for bread or a dressing on salad, but in reality, its potential extends much further. Case in point: this week’s DDS Detective, a strawberry balsamic sundae: luxurious, creamy, tart and with just a hint of sweetness.

    1. At Collis, get a few strawberries from the smoothie bar and put some squeezes of honey and a bit of balsamic vinegar on top.
    2. Grab a pot of plain Greek yogurt.
    3. Stick the strawberries in the microwave for about a minute and a half.
    4. Take the strawberries out of the microwave, and put them on top of the yogurt.
    5. Mix well, and add more sugar or honey to taste.

DDS Detective: Panini smores




I love camp­ing for one sin­gu­lar and ex­tremely pre­dictable rea­son: camp food. Noth­ing makes me feel bet­ter about my nasty hik­ing stench and itchy in­sect bites than sit­ting around a camp­fire and eat­ing some de­li­cious grub. Es­pe­cially when that grub in­volves gra­ham crack­ers, choco­late and marsh­mal­lows — in other words, s’mores. While ’53 Com­mons may not quite have that “camp­fire charm,” this s’mores panini is ab­solutely de­li­cious. Enjoy!

  1. Grab two pieces of any kind of bread.
  2. Spread hot fudge sauce from the ice cream sta­tion.
  3. Top the sauce with marsh­mal­lows (also from the ice cream sta­tion).
  4. Put in the Panini press for about a minute.