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FoCo Joe: Banana Boats

14F is already underway, and with a new season comes a new flavor profile for all types of foods.  The pumpkin spice latte is back, apples are very much in season and home-cooked comfort foods are making a comeback.  Though we can very much see that 14X is long gone, I still refuse to accept that fall has truly begun. This week’s dessert is an homage to the straddling between seasons — it can be made at any time of the year and taste great.  I call it a “banana boat,” inspired by an entirely different dessert from my study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina over 14S — the fall season in the Southern Hemisphere. Toward the end of my time on the Spanish language study abroad in Buenos Aires, one of the host families invited all nine of us on the program to their home for an afternoon barbecue of sorts, what is known in Argentina as an “asado,” or grill. It is a huge ordeal requiring considerable effort and meant for bigger crowds, as nearly every part of the cow is cooked and consumed. The host family made a delicious dessert involving grilled bananas, dulce de leche (like… Read more »

The Unfailing Guide to Finding a Table at Collis

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Sometimes you want eggs just badly enough that you’re willing to risk life and limb to find a table at Collis. We’ve all been there: the nervous glances scanning the room, the sinking feeling when you think you’ve spotted a table but someone’s coat is hanging just out of sight on one of the plastic chairs, the awkward walk/jog when trying to beat someone to the last patio table. How does one go about finding a spot amidst the madness? Here’s a flowchart that might help you out.

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, The Winner


And the winner of the 2014 DDS Food Face-off is…


Is anyone genuinely surprised by this result? The gooey, chocolate-y deliciousness that is this cookie has always been there for me when I need a sugar fix or as the final course in an extended FoCo dinner. We all need comfort food while at college, and this certainly does the trick for those of us with a major sweet tooth (an affliction my entire family struggles with). While some prefer crispier chocolate chip cookies making FoCo’s version not to their taste, it can be hard to resist melted chocolate (or cheese for that matter – see our runner-up).

The cookies were a strong contender from the start and no doubt the favorite. Despite this, the Brie and Apple sandwich put up a strong fight and in the final showdown maintained 39% of the votes.

Help me celebrate the cookie’s victory by indulging in one (or seven) this week!

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 5

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The day is finally upon us — the final round of Appetizing April! It is time to pick the ultimate food item offered by Dartmouth Dining Services. Last week’s results: Chocolate Chip Cookies (FoCo) 65% > Smoothie (Collis) 35% Brie and Apple Sandwich (KAF) 67% > Chicken Tender Queso (Hop) 33% It is down to either FoCo’s Chocolate Chip Cookies or King Arthur Flour’s Brie and Apple Sandwich. The cookies have probably been large contributors to many a freshman 15. You were just trying to get some salad, but FoCo makes it so that in order to get to the greens, you have to pass by the oh-so tempting cookies and end up eating dessert while you browse, naturally. The brie and apple sandwich isn’t that much healthier and is another way to carbo-load. It’s time to pick our poison. Is the choice too difficult? Are you feeling indecisive? Do you dream of a way to have them both? How about trying the two favorites at once by having a chocolate chip cookie grilled cheese sandwich? Apparently some bloggers are a fan of this sweet and salty combo. I remain skeptical. New food combinations are all the rage (think the cronut… Read more »

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 4

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Smoothie (64%) > Stir-fry (36%) The fruity goodness of the smoothie beat out stir-fry to be the Collis champion. Springtime urges and days of warmth and sunshine seem best suited for a cool smoothie. People also like to think that they’re being healthy by choosing a smoothie, which definitely aids in creating that illusion. Green smoothies (and juices, but Collis doesn’t offer those!) are very trendy and can be recreated by getting some spinach or kale from the salad bar beforehand, too. Chocolate Chip Cookies (82%) > General Tso’s Chicken (18%) I can’t say that I’m surprised by this result. The cookies have been there for us since the dawn of new FoCo (although I cannot speak to its earlier incarnation — it was before my time) in all their gooey, chocolate-y glory. Don’t feel too bad for the General Tso’s chicken though, as it was offered just a couple of days ago and the line at Ma Thayer’s was consistently long. Brie & Apple Sandwich (80%) > Caesar Salad (20%) Perhaps the charms of laughing alone with salad have begun to wear off, and people now prefer eating a sandwich in the company of their friends. Regardless, gluten will… Read more »

App to Track Your DDS Released

Courtesy of Know the Ropes

Want to know where you spend most of your DBA? What today’s most popular dishes on campus are? Can’t remember if you still have a meal swipe left on Sunday night? “The Ropes,” an iPhone app designed by Gaby Javitt ’16, will give users the answers to those questions and more. Javitt — who teamed up with an independent software engineer Gabe Boning — said she wanted to design something that covered the same functionality of Dining @ Dartmouth, an application debuted by Matthew Harding ’13. Javitt began working with Boning after they met last summer. Boning does the technical coding behind the app, he said. The name — “The Ropes” — was chosen because Javitt wanted to focus “on helping freshman navigate campus life.” Her company that released the app was subsequently named Square Knot Industries. Although she had anticipated an earlier release, she delayed the app’s wide debut because Javitt wanted to focus on “making the back end solid” rather than release an unpolished version. In the final weeks of development, Javitt worked with the Digital Arts,Leadership and Innovation Lab, sponsored by the computer science department. The lab, which was established a year ago, was intended to allow “designers and developers come together”… Read more »