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Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 4

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Smoothie (64%) > Stir-fry (36%) The fruity goodness of the smoothie beat out stir-fry to be the Collis champion. Springtime urges and days of warmth and sunshine seem best suited for a cool smoothie. People also like to think that they’re being healthy by choosing a smoothie, which definitely aids in creating that illusion. Green smoothies (and juices, but Collis doesn’t offer those!) are very trendy and can be recreated by getting some spinach or kale from the salad bar beforehand, too. Chocolate Chip Cookies (82%) > General Tso’s Chicken (18%) I can’t say that I’m surprised by this result. The cookies have been there for us since the dawn of new FoCo (although I cannot speak to its earlier incarnation — it was before my time) in all their gooey, chocolate-y glory. Don’t feel too bad for the General Tso’s chicken though, as it was offered just a couple of days ago and the line at Ma Thayer’s was consistently long. Brie & Apple Sandwich (80%) > Caesar Salad (20%) Perhaps the charms of laughing alone with salad have begun to wear off, and people now prefer eating a sandwich in the company of their friends. Regardless, gluten will… Read more »

App to Track Your DDS Released

Courtesy of Know the Ropes

Want to know where you spend most of your DBA? What today’s most popular dishes on campus are? Can’t remember if you still have a meal swipe left on Sunday night? “The Ropes,” an iPhone app designed by Gaby Javitt ’16, will give users the answers to those questions and more. Javitt — who teamed up with an independent software engineer Gabe Boning — said she wanted to design something that covered the same functionality of Dining @ Dartmouth, an application debuted by Matthew Harding ’13. Javitt began working with Boning after they met last summer. Boning does the technical coding behind the app, he said. The name — “The Ropes” — was chosen because Javitt wanted to focus “on helping freshman navigate campus life.” Her company that released the app was subsequently named Square Knot Industries. Although she had anticipated an earlier release, she delayed the app’s wide debut because Javitt wanted to focus on “making the back end solid” rather than release an unpolished version. In the final weeks of development, Javitt worked with the Digital Arts,Leadership and Innovation Lab, sponsored by the computer science department. The lab, which was established a year ago, was intended to allow “designers and developers come together”… Read more »

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 3 (The Elite ‘Ate’)


This week definitely saw a weaker voter turnout despite some tight races between. I am going to attribute it to the stomach bug and fever going around, but is everyone too sickly to even contemplate food?! Ah well, the battle must continue. Now comes the time to pick the final four and see which food is the most popular at each dining hall. Collis: Stir-fry (55%) > Mozz sticks (45%) Smoothies (57%) > Pasta (43%) It is hard for me to let mozz sticks and pasta leave the competition, and I don’t seem to be alone, according to the close races. While I personally am just too impatient to wait in line for smoothies and stir-fry, I guess there is a reason the line is always so long. Stir-fry and smoothies also seem like warmer weather options, so perhaps many of us are yearning for the spring – this 70 degrees to snow in 48 hours fluctuation needs to stop. FoCo: Chocolate chip cookies (86%) > Pizza (14%) General Tso’s Chicken (52%) > Pierogies (48%) Anything that goes up against chocolate chip cookies never seems to even stand a chance. Will General Tso’s chicken be the first worthy competitor? The dessert section seems to be preferred at FoCo,… Read more »

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 2

Appetizing April 2

Since over 400 of you voted in the polls last week, it seems like food really is a priority for many of us. Some have noted that I didn’t seed the entries, and that was intentional — I wanted to use the polls to answer some of my personal research questions about what is the top choice between relatively similar types of offerings. Also, I didn’t include Novack (or the East Wheelock Snack Bar for that matter) because they don’t offer nearly as many freshly made options as the other dining locations do. Collis: Mozzarella sticks (52% of the votes) barely beat out chicken tenders (48%) to move on to the next round. This one was of particular interest me since I can never seem to choose between the two at Late Night Collis. Luckily, it’s generally pretty easy to get both and avoid the decision-making! Mozzarella sticks will be competing against stir-fry (64%), which beat sushi (36%) by a wide margin. I have been on a fresh sushi kick lately (partly because I don’t want to wait in the long pasta or stir-fry lines) so I would have chosen differently. But, the people have spoken! So begins the next Collis… Read more »

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 1


Feeling a withdrawal from brackets as March Madness draws to a close? Get ready for one that will keep you busy through April, focusing on something we all care about: food. It’s your chance to weigh in and vote for your favorite DDS foods in the four regionals: Collis, FoCo, KAF and the Hop. Vote in the following polls to determine which foods will advance to round two! Some foods, like Collis soup, have a lot of varieties or customization options, so interpret the entry as your favorite variation.

The Bracket

Round 1


Mozz. sticks vs. Chicken tenders

Fresh sushi vs. Stir-fry

Pasta vs. Soup

Smoothies vs. Baked goods


Chocolate chip cookies vs. French fries

Pizza vs. Paninis

Chicken nuggets vs. General Tso’s chicken

Pierogies vs. Baked sweet potato

Brie & apple sandwich vs. Artichoke tapenade

Cinnamon puff vs. Cupcakes

Scones vs. Muffins

Caesar salad vs. Kale slaw

The Hop:
Hulk vs. Chicken tender queso

Mac & cheese vs. Meatball sub

Burrito vs. Burger special

Breakfast sandwich vs. Hash browns

Staying Positive: Seven Thrifty Dining Solutions to Your DBA Crisis

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If you’re anything like me, you seldom reach the end of the term with a positive DBA balance. It could be because you eat a hearty breakfast every day… Or simply because DDS food is absurdly overpriced. Regardless of the reason, a lot of people seem to be running on fumes by the term’s end. Here are some ways to make the most of those precious remaining dining dollars:

1. Get caffeinated for free at One Wheelock

One Wheelock has a smooth, indie soundtrack and the cozy atmosphere of a trendy coffee shop — for no cost! If you find yourself regularly shelling out DBA on KAF coffee, tea and hot chocolate, making the switch to One Wheelock could be a real game-changer. And if it’s Monday, you can stay there until Microbrews starts and get free beer! Can’t buy that with DBA.

2. BYOM – Bring Your Own Mug

If you’re desperate for locally-sourced gourmet KAF coffee, bring a reusable cup with you to get 25 percent off any brewed coffee or tea. This should knock the price down to a cool five or six bucks.

3. Develop a sudden interest in clubs with catered events

Remember all those organizations… Read more »