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FoCo’s Fall Food Festival


As the napkin dispensers in all of campus’s dining establishments have informed us, this week (Oct. 20 to 25) is Food Week here at Dartmouth. Last Thursday was the culminating event: an “Apple Harvest Dinner” at FoCo. I have never seen FoCo so crowded or students so happy. After swiping my card I turned the corner and was greeted by throngs of students desperately attempting to try all the free samples at the various stands. Here’s one sample stand: The stands boasted a wide variety of food, from Greek yogurt to gorgonzola cheese to slices of pepperoni. All products were natural and locally grown, and the people working each stand were closely connected to the food they were distributing. The stand owner with fresh baby tomatoes (pictured below) grew all the tomatoes himself at his farm, and the stand with yogurt packs and cups was managed by the founder of the Yo Yummy yogurt company. Dartmouth students (well-known for loving free food) gave the free samples rave reviews. They stuffed their mouths and bags, commented on the unusual but delicious flavor of cotton candy yogurt and the differing sharpness of cheeses like food connoisseurs and asked stand owners where they… Read more »

Food Day: A Preview

Food Day is coming to Dartmouth! Throughout this week there will be thought-provoking speakers, delicious local food and celebrations for students, staff and faculty to enjoy. Food Day began four years ago as a way to reflect on the intertwining aspects of food, and this year Dartmouth has greatly expanded its programming. College nutritionists Beth Rosenberger and K.C. Wright have been at the forefront of the Food Day initiative. The events aim to get different sectors of campus thinking about food processes, Wright said, so that the average student will “think a little bit about what they are eating.” The widespread nature of factory farms is one example of something more people could be conscious of, she said. Going forward, Wright’s aim is to make these types of events more of an everyday occurrence, with Food Day serving as a starting point for campus involvement and enthusiasm about food issues. Eventually, Wright would like to see people “gradually making more healthy choices with respect to food,” she said, as well as an increased inclusion of food-related issues in academic curricula. Here are a few of the highlights planned for Food Day: Monday, Oct. 20: 3 p.m., Apple Crunch It’s apple… Read more »

Restaurants Beyond Hanover

The Ultimate Hanover Dining Guide: Part 2

Check out part one here. The Friendlies: Delicious and affordable. The perfect places for a casual brunch or dinner date with your friends. Molly’s Restaurant When I think of Molly’s, I picture groups of friends waiting outside the door to get called to a table. Something about the restaurant makes it the perfect spot to hang out with your friends, eat decent food and embrace the change of scenery. When it comes to the food, the dishes are often hit or miss — it really depends on what you order. Again, I can’t stress how friendly the atmosphere is. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. What to get: the bread (and it’s free!), fish and chips, Robie Farm mac and cheese. Lou’s Restaurant Ahh, the smell of fresh pastries in the morning! Since opening in 1947, Lou’s has enchanted Dartmouth students and Hanover visitors with its fresh ingredients and fulfilling menu. The welcoming staff and shabby locale will make you feel cozy and in the mood for homemade pastries. It quickly became one of my favorites, up to the point where I did the Lou’s challenge twice my freshman year. What to get: The Big Green (with… Read more »

The Ultimate Hanover Dining Guide: Part 1


Oh, the pleasure of getting an off-campus meal! While freshmen may still be infatuated with FoCo cookies and the Hop’s chicken tender quesos, those of us who have been here a little longer know the value of an off-campus meal. You will too, ’18s. You see, loving campus food is like having a second-grade crush. You think you love chicken tender quesos, and that’s, well, cute. But then you see them every day and your crush progressively fades, until that day when your crush bites you and you don’t want to see them ever again. (By the way, stay away from FoCo curry. It’s one of those that bite, if you know what I mean.) The good thing here is that when your infatuation fades away, you will always have great options for food escapades in Hanover! The Fancies: A little over the top for your average college meal, but perfect for romantic dates and dinner during parents’ weekend. Pine Pine, the Hanover Inn’s restaurant, prides itself on serving American cuisine, with an emphasis on using New England’s fresh produce. This classy and elegant establishment offers brunch (on Sundays), lunch and dinner. The decoration is tasteful and cozy, and the food… Read more »

A New Menu at Lou’s Restaurant


Lou’s is now sporting a new menu. Maintaining the old favorites but adding some new options, smaller “Not Too Hungry” omelets and a few unique additions now fill the plastic sleeves of the shiny new menus. Dietary restrictions are easily identifiable and the food you love is still as delicious as ever. Stop by Lou’s to check it out for yourself!