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FoCo Joe: Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars

Joseph Kind/The Dartmouth Staff

Dearest readers, do not be stunned by the length of this dessert’s name. This mouthful is “definitely in the top ten, maybe even the top five” best desserts I have ever made for this column, Laura McCulloch ’16 said. This dessert s a first for the column in many ways, at least in comparison to the other desserts I have made this summer. It is one of the first I have made that does not feature ice cream — a sad but true fact — and it is also the first dessert I have ever made that utilizes the raspberry preserves spread. It’s very light on the stomach, which is a bit of a departure from past creations. Hopefully my next “bar” will not require silverware, but my friends and I were happy with the results!

There is not much of an inspiration story this week: I finished my meal in FoCo after a swim practice (as usual) when I realized that I had yet to think of something fun to make for my column this week. So I pulled out my cell phone and flipped through some screenshots of photos from Instagram and the web, hoping to find some sort… Read more »

FoCo Joe: Peanut Butter Banana Quesadillas

foco joe

It’s been a while, but I’m back! Editing other sections of The D has been a terrific experience this summer, but I am happy to return to my roots on Dartbeat and deliver what I do best – clever dessert creations. Much of my time the past few days has been spent gazing over #foodporn on Instagram and Buzzfeed, where I noticed one  of  Buzzfeed’s more questionable food articles claiming that a frittata is one of the top  “26  foods  you  should learn to cook in your twenties.” I was close to closing my window entirely when the next article offered a more promising dessert that looked perfect for FoCo: I cannot emphasize just how easy this dessert was to recreate in FoCo. I love quesadillas, a fact undoubtedly shaped by California upbringing, but I have never had a dessert quesadilla! This week was the perfect chance to make what turned out to be a crowd-pleaser. The constant presence of the panini presses in FoCo makes this breakfast quesadilla the perfect summer showstopper. Here’s what I did to my breakfast quesadilla: Step 1: Grab a whole-wheat tortilla from the breads area to the right of the sandwich meats. Make sure… Read more »

FoCo Joe: “Ants on a Raft”

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff

This week’s dessert is, strangely enough, inspired by King Arthur Flour’s Instagram account. I have a bad habit of liking food photos more than photos with my friends in them, and this summer, I started following more food accounts than ever before. Yes, food has been on my mind, and this week’s dessert is arguably my least sweet since I began writing this column. Perhaps I am still recovering from the sweetness of my “Sangria” shake, I’m not sure. But as I was scrolling through my food-saturated Instagram newsfeed I stumbled across a photo from King Arthur Flour of a piece of rye bread with peanut butter and cinnamon — yes, cinnamon — on it. What?!

I went to FoCo almost immediately to try the combo, but I couldn’t find any cinnamon. So instead, I have made a KAF-inspired concoction this week that takes me back to my middle school days, when my mom would sometimes make me an afternoon snack that consisted of peanut butter spread on a celery stick with raisins on top — affectionately called “ants on a log.”  My new spin on the dessert, which I am calling “ants on a raft,” uses whole… Read more »

Appetizing April: A DDS Food Face-Off, Round 1


Feeling a withdrawal from brackets as March Madness draws to a close? Get ready for one that will keep you busy through April, focusing on something we all care about: food. It’s your chance to weigh in and vote for your favorite DDS foods in the four regionals: Collis, FoCo, KAF and the Hop. Vote in the following polls to determine which foods will advance to round two! Some foods, like Collis soup, have a lot of varieties or customization options, so interpret the entry as your favorite variation.

The Bracket

Round 1


Mozz. sticks vs. Chicken tenders

Fresh sushi vs. Stir-fry

Pasta vs. Soup

Smoothies vs. Baked goods


Chocolate chip cookies vs. French fries

Pizza vs. Paninis

Chicken nuggets vs. General Tso’s chicken

Pierogies vs. Baked sweet potato

Brie & apple sandwich vs. Artichoke tapenade

Cinnamon puff vs. Cupcakes

Scones vs. Muffins

Caesar salad vs. Kale slaw

The Hop:
Hulk vs. Chicken tender queso

Mac & cheese vs. Meatball sub

Burrito vs. Burger special

Breakfast sandwich vs. Hash browns

What Hanover Restaurant Are You?

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A Guide to Ordering at the Hop

The Hop’s grill line is always the longest when you’re the hungriest, but it’s clearly your best option at the “Courtyard Café,” so you know you’ll end up waiting. As you do, you’ll have plenty of time to wallow in your order indecision. It isn’t obvious what most of the menu items actually are, and it doesn’t help that you keep hearing everyone in front of you order mysterious items named after Marvel characters and singers. But don’t worry – I’m here to help you decode the secret Hop options so you can up your order-customization game. Life with DDS can get dull, but the Hop offers many options to mix it up. Let’s start with one of my personal favorites, the “Hulk,” which is a classic post-workout (or in my case, post-dance rehearsal) choice that at least appears to be healthy. At its most basic level, it’s a wheat wrap filled with egg whites and cheese. I normally choose to add tomato, spinach or both in an attempt to add some veggies to my diet. To sound like a pro, ask for a “Red Hulk” if you want tomato, a “Green Hulk” for spinach and “Incredible (or Red and… Read more »