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Hanover Ranked Fourth Safest Town in New Hampshire

Hanover is the fourth safest town in New Hampshire, according to the Movoto Real Estate Blog, which recently ranked the crime rates of towns with populations of 5,000 residents or more. The ranking was created using data from the 2012 Uniform Crime Report from the FBI, and was calculated by the number of crimes committed per 100,000 residents. The report shows that in 2012, Hanover had 98 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which included 71 incidences of rape, 27 assaults and 2,042 property crimes. Exeter was ranked first on the list, followed by Londonderry and Durham, respectively. Jesus Moreno ’16 said the ranking did not surprise him because he does not believe there is much motivation for crime in Hanover. Hanover Police has a significant presence in the town, Antonia Hoidal ’16 said, and she believes that would also deter most criminals from committing any crimes. “I feel like I see four police cars when I’m just walking across the Green” she said. “I can’t imagine why anyone would want to commit a crime while there’s so many police officers and [Safety and Security] officers around.” Some students expressed that the town’s ranking did not necessarily reflect how safe they feel the College is. Regan Roberts ’16 said… Read more »

Hanover named 13th best small town to visit in 2013

Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine

In their latest issue of Smithsonian magazine, the Smithsonian Institution named Hanover number 13 in its list of the “20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2013.” The rankings, compiled for the second year in a row, were based on the “concentrations of museums, art galleries, orchestras, theaters, historical sites and other cultural blessings,” information attained from the geographic information company Ersi…. Read more »

Students on crutches face accessibility challenges

WINNIE YOE/The Dartmouth Staff

Dartmouth can be a difficult place for students on crutches to navigate, especially for those who have not been on crutches before, according to students interviewed by The Dartmouth. Not all buildings are accessible, and the ones that are have accessible entrances that are far away from the main entrances.

“I have been on crutches in many different places, but being on crutches at Dartmouth is definitely the worst,” Marina Moschitto ’14 said.

The hardest buildings to navigate are older buildings such as Dartmouth Hall, Thorton Hall, Reed Hall and Robinson Hall. However, if building access becomes a problem for students to attend classes, student could request for classroom change through the Student Accessibility Services. Students are also able to arrange for note-taking services or reschedule exam times for medical reasons…. Read more »

Get Ready for the Election – Hanover Style

Courtesy of the Associated Press

With the year’s contest heating up as the November date nears, political groups are doing all they can to get people involved in the election season.

But what motivates our young political activists to advocate certain issues or candidates over the others?  For J.P. Harrington ‘14, President of the College Republicans, the answer lies in the incumbent’s inability to rectify the mistakes created by the previous administration.  On the other hand, Mason Cole ’13, President of the College Democrats, believes that reducing the burden on the middle class was one reason why potential voters should support Obama…. Read more »

Main Street sees new businesses

by Alexander Johnson

For many Dartmouth students, Hanover is the quintessential “college town.” Quaint, charming, and dominated by local businesses, Hanover has a distinct character that locals work hard to maintain. Given the town’s small size, new businesses and attractions in Hanover generate much buzz. This fall has seen, and will continue to see, the openings of multiple new businesses in town. The next time you venture into town to compare a Dirt Cowboy coffee with the newly opened Starbucks, check out these new features on Main Street as well…. Read more »

Go to Town On: Affordable Off-Campus Dining

Greetings, Class of 2016! As you get settled in and start zipping around from Orientation activity to activity, you will surely work up your appetite and will eventually need to eat. And soon enough, you will find that you have exhausted you on-campus dining options.

Well, here I am with a guide to off-campus spots that will satisfy your casual dining needs. Now, put down your Odwalla and go Greenprint this immediately to hang up on your wall. For your next trippee reunion, whip out some of these recommendations and watch as your trippees marvel at how knowledgeable you are on Hanover’s local fare…. Read more »