Dartmouth Yankee Candles


It’s Week 4, you’re sitting in bed crying studying for your econ midterm tomorrow and all you want is something to mask the smell of your room, which hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. And what could be better than one of Dartbeat’s very own, totally not cultish, Dartmouth-inspired Yankee Candles? There’s nothing like the crackling of the wick and a strong whiff of Keystone to get you through all the problem sets you’ve put off until the last possible second!

While most college students across the country wish their rooms smelled like “Sandalwood Vanilla,” “Piña Colada” or even “Man Town,” during the hellishness of midterm week, what you need are some truly Dartmouth-esque smells to remind you of the good times you’ve had at the College on the Hill.

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The Few, the Bold, the Brave: Get to Know the ’19s Who Touched the Fire

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You asked for it and the Class of 2019 delivered. After weeks of cajoling, sweet-talking and threatening (*cough* YikYak *cough*), we sent 12 brave souls into the depths of the flames (and one unfortunate ’19, Bryan B, into the arms of HPo) thus creating the next generation of Dartmouth legends. Over the past week I spent some time talking to seven of this delinquent bunch, discussing everything from their thought process to their choice of footwear. Here are the highlights of our discussions.
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7 Ways You Can Tell It Was Homecoming

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Homecoming is undoubtedly one of the best weekends Dartmouth has to offer. With its parades, parties, pong and ponderous pile of wood, it’s enjoyable for everyone from the Class of 2019 to the returning Class of 1942 (although visitors may think we’re in a cult). In case you’ve been living beneath the Connecticut River for the past week — or perhaps you can’t seem to remember last weekend — we dug up some clues to prove that this past weekend was indeed Homecoming.
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Trending @ Dartmouth

Peak foliage: You just want to be outside all the time.

Students in suits: First round interviews, second round at Murphy’s.

Midterms and hangovers: The only pairing worse than Franzia and EBA’s

Rapidly changing temperatures: Don’t cry because it’s cold, smile because it was warm for so long.


Visitor, looking at Homecoming bonfire: “It seems a little cultish.”

’16: “Biting into a cold croissant is like finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real…for the second time.”

’16, about speaking Portuguese: “My uncle’s new trophy wife is from Brazil.”

’16: “I like my body to be entirely touched by fabric in a weirdly specific way.”
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