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The Great 14W Countdown


All good things must come to an end. And regardless of whether you classify 14W as having been “good,” it doesn’t change the fact that we are currently in week 8…out of 9. So whether you’re already hitting the books or dusting off your heels and heading to formal, we can all agree that things are getting a little bit crazy. Those who find themselves exasperated by the term are counting down the days until spring break while some are anxiously anticipating the start of 14S. Deadlines may be approaching but with each day that passes we’re getting a little bit closer to some of the good stuff. Days until the last day of finals period (last day is March 14): 15 days Are our profs even aware of this? The amount of work I have to do is definitely not matching up with the amount of time we have left. The library is getting overcrowded with people, coats and empty coffee cups, and the days have a weird way of feeling both endless and too short. Luckily we only have 15 left. Days until Spring Break (starts March 15): 16 days Whether you have plans to head off somewhere exotic with friends… Read more »

Tips to survive the Homecoming Bonfire for the best class ever

Tonight, the Dartmouth community will welcome the Class of 2016 at the Dartmouth Night Bonfire. The Bonfire has burned year after year, from the center of The Green, as hundreds of first-year students circle around it and upperclassmen cheer them on. You might be a little nervous for this tradition. Here are some tips that, hopefully, will make your first Bonfire experience go as smoothly as possible…. Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: You’ll always find your way back home


Ah, homecoming. A close runner-up to Dartmouth’s favorite big weekend, Green Key, homecoming is much colder and much more green, at least in spirit. It is so green that I have been playing the Alma Mater all day in an effort to get inspired. Not really, but it’s a nice image, right? To put it simply, homecoming happens every year and is when the worst class ever turns into…well, still the worst class ever, but also real Dartmouth students. … Read more »

Campus buzzes with Homecoming events

Homecoming is fast approaching! With an overwhelming number of events happening on campus, it doesn’t hurt to have recommendations for event to attend — if only to quell your fear of missing out. My idea of fun may be different from yours, but here is a list of fun events that you shouldn’t miss.

1. The Dartmouth Organic Farm will be having a barn rising kick-off ceremony. There will be hot cider, live music, tours of the farm and Collis Ray’s nutmeg doughnuts. Shuttles will depart behind Robinson Hall every hour from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m…. Read more »

Pink eye infections spread amongst students

Amidst win­ter’s sneez­ing, sore throats and cough­ing, there is yet an­other un­pleas­ant prod­uct of in­ad­e­quate im­mune sys­tems to fear: pink eye. This fall, there has been a high num­ber of stu­dents com­plain­ing about red and itchy eyes. This po­ten­tial small-scale epi­demic is rem­i­nis­cent of the out­break in March 2002 when over 600 Dart­mouth stu­dents sought re­lief for their in­fected eyes, though ex­perts es­ti­mate that 1,000 total were af­flicted with con­junc­tivi­tis. A sim­i­lar spike in cases oc­curred at Prince­ton, spark­ing a slightly ju­ve­nile yet amus­ing de­bate over which school in­fected the other – as The New York Times re­counted, “Prince­ton of­fi­cials note that Dart­mouth’s swim team came here in Jan­u­ary. Dart­mouth of­fi­cials said Prince­ton’s hockey and bas­ket­ball teams went to Dart­mouth last month.” The ori­gin of the out­break (and this year’s) re­mains un­known, al­though Heo­rot’s foam party dur­ing Green Key week­end has fa­cil­i­tated milder spreads of the dis­ease in the past. This year the in­fec­tion hasn’t reached quite as many, though it is likely those seek­ing treat­ment will ex­ceed the usual an­nual 40 cases. I can sym­pa­thize with those af­flicted with pink eye. Wak­ing up on the Fri­day of Home­com­ing with what was ev­i­dently a case of con­junc­tivi­tis was not how… Read more »

Students show Dartmouth style at Homecoming

Home­com­ing. The bon­fire, the foot­ball game, the par­ties. The free food. The chance to re­join the Dart­mouth fam­ily, or the chance to pre­tend that you never left it. And, most im­por­tantly, the chance to show off the plethora of Dart­mouth threads you have stashed in your wardrobe. Un­less, of course, you’re me. I know, I know — I’m the only per­son left on cam­pus with­out any Dart­mouth-branded cloth­ing. I con­fess I’ve been re­sist­ing. Parad­ing around cam­pus in a shirt that de­clares you’re a stu­dent at a school that you clearly at­tend? Let’s just say that’s not how it’s done ’round my way. But the week­end’s fes­tiv­i­ties may just have changed my mind. As I pushed ea­gerly against the bar­rier around the bon­fire on Fri­day night, soak­ing up the fresh­men’s ex­hil­a­ra­tion as they hur­tled past me in their ’15 shirts, I fi­nally got it. They were part of a team — and who doesn’t want to be part of a team?   I was also more than im­pressed with the va­ri­ety and in­ven­tive­ness I saw at the foot­ball game on Sat­ur­day af­ter­noon. Stu­dents sport­ing their rel­a­tives’ old Dart­mouth sweaters, caps and vests made for en­ter­tain­ing year-spot­ting. The best I saw by… Read more »