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Campus Blotter

April 25, 1:04 p.m., Sanborn Library: Safety and Security officers discovered an intoxicated homeless individual in the basement of Sanborn. The individual had previously received a trespass letter. Hanover Police officers took the individual into custody. April 26, 1:30 a.m., Fayerweather cluster: Safety and Security officers and Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services responded to the Fayerweathers for an intoxicated female. She was transported to Dick’s House where she was evaluated and spent the night. April 27, 12:35 a.m., near McLaughlin cluster: Safety and Security officers noticed four males carrying a pong table outside. Two of the males ran and the other two were identified and transported to Dick’s House, where they spent the night. The pong table had been taken from Tabard coed fraternity the previous weekend. Officers located the other two males, who had fled the scene. They were also admitted to Dick’s House due to their levels of intoxication. April 27, 1:28 a.m., Collis Center: Safety and Security officers took a complaint from a male student who said a student had approached him in Collis and threw a red beverage on him with ice in it. The student was identified. April 27, 4:34 a.m., New Hampshire Hall: Safety and Security officers… Read more »

Tube Talk: Best Moments of the Oscars

Courtesy of AMPAS

Whether you tuned in on Sunday night or not, the 86th Academy Awards ceremony brought the best of Hollywood together for millions of viewers. Second-time host Ellen DeGeneres proved even more popular this time around, except maybe with Liza Minnelli (although their selfie would say otherwise). Many celebs showed their mastery of the selfie and the photobomb, proving they really are jacks-of-all-trades. I won’t give away too much but read Dartbeat’s round-up of the best moments of this year’s awards, so you can at least pretend you watched the whole 216-minute show. Jennifer Lawrence started the night of strong with yet another fall. Apparently it’s becoming a tradition? Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed the entirety of U2. ’Nuff said. Later, he decided to pop in on Ellen’s selfie with “12 Years a Slave” star Chiwetel Ejiofor. Brad Pitt got in on the action, too. Pharrell reminded everyone to be happy, which got Lupita Nyong’o on her feet and Meryl Streep shakin’ it. As if we needed another reason for her to be our hero. Ellen became the first host to feed the audience and gave a $1000 tip to the delivery guy. Stars dished out money, and Nyong’o donated her lip balm to… Read more »

Advocacy, Obstacles and Big Dreams: A Q&A with Upcoming Band Great Caesar

Great Caesar describes themselves as a “chamber rock band,” which may leave some people scratching their heads, but their talent as musicians makes categorizing feel unnecessary. The Brooklyn-based band has existed in a variety of forms since a few of the members met in high school 10 years or so ago. It took all of them graduating college and moving to New York to realize their dream as a group. Great Caesar is comprised of lead singer John-Michael Parker, bass guitarist Adam Glaser, saxophonist Stephen Chen, trumpet player Tom Sikes and guitarist Mike Farrell. Now, their music video and song “Don’t Ask Me Why” have swept away social media users and music gurus alike, with the video gaining just under 200,000 views in the weeks after its release on YouTube. While the song follows two young people who are in love and have to overcome a physical obstacle (a flood), the music video tells the story of an interracial couple in the 1960s and two same-sex couples in the present day. Dartbeat had the chance to talk with saxophonist Stephen Chen about Great Caesar’s success, the story behind “Don’t Ask Me Why” and what the future holds. Dartbeat: Can… Read more »

Tube Talk: Epic Finishes and Heartbreaking Wipeouts from Sochi

Courtesy of NBC

I admit, I struggle to keep up with the Olympics. With so many different competitions and so many different names, how are we be supposed to keep up with everything that happens?! Although it offers a great reason to continue procrastinating readings and papers (in 10 years what will we still be talking about anyway — this assignment or the craziness of the 2014 Olympics?), I still find myself falling behind, a gold medal for couch-lympics nowhere in sight. Now that you have the Olympic playlist to get through the marathon of recaps and live streams, we thought we’d look back at some of the best and worst that Sochi has offered over these weeks. Ready, set, go! Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Figure-Skating Pairs With lots of talk about the return of Russian figure skating at this year’s Olympics, this pair certainly delivered. Volosozhar and Trankov had some of the most difficult programs out of their competitors, and the flawless execution ensured a golden future for the couple. Shaun White, Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe After announcing his plans to skip the slopestyle competition this year, audiences expected White to perform even better in his halfpipe. However, his attempt for a… Read more »

Tube Talk: Why We’re All Part of the Dunphy-Pritchett Family

Courtesy of ABC / via

Every so often, a show comes around that is really able to captivate an audience. Sure, drama is exciting and mysteries are thrilling but at the end of the day, these are the shows that are relatable. “Modern Family” has been one of these shows since it began airing in 2009. We’ve all recognized a little bit of ourselves in every single episode. So whether you have yet to discover the wonder of this award-winning series or you just want a little extra Phil Dunphy in your life (don’t we all?), remember that we all have a little crazy inside…or a lot. Because you were just beginning to think that balancing four classes wouldn’t be too bad. And you just got your midterm grades back, so… They understand how real the struggle was during winterim. Sleep all day, Netflix all night. And how all you want right now is a Molly’s pit stop. Because this is how it feels whenever you pass someone wearing the exact same shirt from J. Crew…which happens a lot. And they completely get how terrifying it was to finally ask that person who sits in front of you in class to play pong last night…. Read more »

Tube Talk: Downton’s Best from Season Four Downstairs

Courtesy of Carnival Films and Masterpiece

Our beloved early 20th century British drama is back, and the first few episodes from season four have given everyone a lot to think about. Chaos has affected both upstairs and down, but the downstairs group has given us hope despite the darkness. So whether you’ve started to question your relationship with “Downton Abbey” or you’re more wrapped up than ever, take a moment to leave behind some of the craziness, and look at this season’s best downstairs moments we’ve seen so far. Pro tip: go catch up on the first four episodes that have aired (I’m happy to be an enabler here) and then come back to this post for some “Downton” lovin’ to lift your spirits. This adorable exchange between Anna and Mr. Bates while opening their Valentine’s Day cards. Ah, the good ol’ days. When Mrs. Patmore revealed herself as Daisy’s secret admirer and you expected Daisy to be upset, but instead she said this:  Mr. Bates lends a helping hand to Mr. Molesley by faking an IOU, and it’s the best excuse for forgery we’ve ever heard. When Jimmy and Anna danced and laughed together and it made everyone happy. Due to an injured hand, Jimmy… Read more »