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Dartbeat’s Guide to Winter Break TV

With the craziness of the quarter system and Dartmouth’s work-hard-work-harder atmosphere, you probably already find yourself exhausted. Around week four, I started having fantasies about sleeping in a pile of adorable, cuddly puppies and never having to leave. At this point, my brain is completely fried, and expectations for academic performance are at an all-time low.  But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Finals end in just 12 days (but who’s really counting? Oh yes, all of us), and hibernation in the form of sleep and never-ending Netflix-watching can finally begin. If even just the thought of having to decide what to watch on Netflix or TV (it’s cute that you’re so old-fashioned) is too much for you, we have you covered. Check out these upcoming premieres for November and December for what to watch. Note: watching all the Claymation movies on ABC Family is a prerequisite to move on to these shows. “Risking It All” (TLC): Premieres Nov. 10 at 10 p.m. This latest TLC reality show follows three families as they one-up your self-imposed finals week Facebook ban by living off the grid in an attempt to reconnect with each other. It’s worth checking out… Read more »

Eight Things You Can Find at the Hanover Christmas Market

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If you attempt to Google “Hanover Christmas Market,” be forewarned that you’ll be directed to an impressive number of pages about a Christmas market in Hannover, Germany, which looks a bit more like this, rather than this familiar scene. But don’t be discouraged! There is still a Christmas market in our town. Each year the Christmas Market with a Difference, an outreach project of the Church of Christ that began in 1987, comes to campus. This year, the festivities kicked off Thursday at 10 a.m. and continue Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The market features artisanal pieces from all around the world, and all proceeds go back to the 19 organizations and cooperatives featured. The market fills two large rooms in the church. With everything from ornaments made of magazine pages to beaded sandals, it’s hard to provide any sampling of objects that could represent the wide variety of gifts available. However, here are eight things that caught my eye at the market this year. And even though it’s only just November, put on your favorite holiday songs and break out the good cheer a little earlier this year to… Read more »

Around the Ivies

Brown: Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has been suspended following claims from two students of date-rape drug use in drinks at a party this past weekend. One of the students also reported being sexually assaulted the same night, and both experienced memory loss, the Brown Daily Herald reported. Columbia: Student activists joined elected city officials at New York City Hall to discuss the proposed New York Campus Safety Act before a public hearing, the Spectator reported. The legislation would give New York college students a list of resource centers and create a task force to address domestic violence in the city. Cornell: Cornell students and faculty celebrated World Food Day for the first time, with programming including film screenings and panel discussions, the Cornell Daily Sun reported. The two-day event culminated in a dinner of sustainable local food prepared by the university’s dining services. Harvard: In a departure from previous meetings, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana met privately with leaders of unrecognized social clubs to discuss Harvard’s social scene and inclusivity, the Crimson reported. Penn: A career services report showed an increase in employment numbers for Penn’s most recent graduates. Seventy-three percent of the Class of 2014 obtained full-time employment, up from 66.8 percent of… Read more »

Eight Recipes to Bring Autumn to Your Heart (and Stomach)

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You know it’s fall when the good ol’ PSL is back in every coffee shop and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by all things made of apple and squash. Autumn is the best season for comfort food – everything is warm and cozy, from soups and stews to pies and pastries. Whether you’re a die-hard sweet tooth or tend to fall along the more savory side of things, we’ve rounded up four of the best recipes for each category to keep your appetite satisfied and warm as the temperatures drop. Sweet: Baked pears with walnuts and honey. This recipe only calls for four ingredients, and it will warm you up like nothing else. It has the bonus of making you feel virtuous for eating fruit (when was the last time that happened?), and also looking like something out of an upscale New York restaurant that also serves craft sodas and creatively-named cocktails.  Apple pie cups. The only thing that would make apple pie more delicious is having it in miniature form. With a cinnamon streusel topping and drizzled caramel over the whole confection, this dessert has it all. Although you could take a more homemade route with this one, using… Read more »

Texts From Last Night: Homecoming Edition

Well, it’s happened. The big fall weekend has come and gone, the fire has been touched, the miles have been run. And the late night texts have been sent. We’ve found some of your best texts amid the Homecoming frolicking and although the weekend is over, the texts will live on (even if you don’t remember them).

The perils of Late Night Collis.

415: Drunk for Dumplings, no DBA
415: Hey that rhymed

When does the networking end? (Hint: it doesn’t)

617: I’ll actually try to wingman though the fact that I shadowed his father for a day and am connected with him on linkedin might be hard to suppress
617: Just subtly punch me in the face if I seem like I’m about to bring it up 

The real meaning of anarchy.

603: cocoa butter kisses
781: anarchy

Precaution taken to the next level.

603: Walked my bike because I didn’t want a DUI

DroCo is the only way to FoCo.

443: wait nvm. you probably don’t want dinner with drunk me
443: unless you do

The futile apologies of late-night munchies.

252: I ate so much of ur bread last night I’m sorry


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