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Around the Ivies

Brown: Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has been suspended following claims from two students of date-rape drug use in drinks at a party this past weekend. One of the students also reported being sexually assaulted the same night, and both experienced memory loss, the Brown Daily Herald reported. Columbia: Student activists joined elected city officials at New York City Hall to discuss the proposed New York Campus Safety Act before a public hearing, the Spectator reported. The legislation would give New York college students a list of resource centers and create a task force to address domestic violence in the city. Cornell: Cornell students and faculty celebrated World Food Day for the first time, with programming including film screenings and panel discussions, the Cornell Daily Sun reported. The two-day event culminated in a dinner of sustainable local food prepared by the university’s dining services. Harvard: In a departure from previous meetings, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana met privately with leaders of unrecognized social clubs to discuss Harvard’s social scene and inclusivity, the Crimson reported. Penn: A career services report showed an increase in employment numbers for Penn’s most recent graduates. Seventy-three percent of the Class of 2014 obtained full-time employment, up from 66.8 percent of… Read more »

Eight Recipes to Bring Autumn to Your Heart (and Stomach)

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You know it’s fall when the good ol’ PSL is back in every coffee shop and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by all things made of apple and squash. Autumn is the best season for comfort food – everything is warm and cozy, from soups and stews to pies and pastries. Whether you’re a die-hard sweet tooth or tend to fall along the more savory side of things, we’ve rounded up four of the best recipes for each category to keep your appetite satisfied and warm as the temperatures drop. Sweet: Baked pears with walnuts and honey. This recipe only calls for four ingredients, and it will warm you up like nothing else. It has the bonus of making you feel virtuous for eating fruit (when was the last time that happened?), and also looking like something out of an upscale New York restaurant that also serves craft sodas and creatively-named cocktails.  Apple pie cups. The only thing that would make apple pie more delicious is having it in miniature form. With a cinnamon streusel topping and drizzled caramel over the whole confection, this dessert has it all. Although you could take a more homemade route with this one, using… Read more »

Texts From Last Night: Homecoming Edition

Well, it’s happened. The big fall weekend has come and gone, the fire has been touched, the miles have been run. And the late night texts have been sent. We’ve found some of your best texts amid the Homecoming frolicking and although the weekend is over, the texts will live on (even if you don’t remember them).

The perils of Late Night Collis.

415: Drunk for Dumplings, no DBA
415: Hey that rhymed

When does the networking end? (Hint: it doesn’t)

617: I’ll actually try to wingman though the fact that I shadowed his father for a day and am connected with him on linkedin might be hard to suppress
617: Just subtly punch me in the face if I seem like I’m about to bring it up 

The real meaning of anarchy.

603: cocoa butter kisses
781: anarchy

Precaution taken to the next level.

603: Walked my bike because I didn’t want a DUI

DroCo is the only way to FoCo.

443: wait nvm. you probably don’t want dinner with drunk me
443: unless you do

The futile apologies of late-night munchies.

252: I ate so much of ur bread last night I’m sorry


Off the Green: 11 Best Pick-Your-Own Apple Orchards

Base Camp Café Brings Nepali Cuisine to Hanover


Moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Dartmouth was quite the change for me. I realized that I would soon feel temperatures below zero, and have to wear snow boots and a parka just to remember what warmth felt like. And I had to get used to a slightly more limited food scene. I always joke with friends from home that in Hanover, there’s the Chinese restaurant, the Thai restaurant and the Indian restaurant. But the Hanover restaurant scene just got a little more exciting with the addition of Base Camp Café, a Nepalese restaurant serving lunch and dinner every day. Just over two weeks ago, this joint set up shop in the basement of 3 Lebanon Street, replacing Salubre Trattoria.  Base Camp Café uses local, organic produce as often as possible and doesn’t deep fry any dishes. The restaurant avoids using artificial chemicals and colors and incorporates healthy fats, like olive and sesame oils, into its recipes. It also serves plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, flavor included. Manager Bhola Pandey researched obesity and nutrition in Boston for two years before opening up Café Momo in Manchester. Each dish has an almost scientific nutrient breakdown, consisting of 60… Read more »

Howe’s Little Free Libraries Draw Positive Feedback


Those of you who weren’t on campus in the summer may have noticed an extra dose of cute in Hanover – the Howe Library installed two Little Free Libraries over 14X. These structures invite passersby to “Take a book, leave a book,” offering a small break from a hectic day. The first Little Free Library was unveiled in front of Hanover’s Town Hall on Aug, 11 and the second, between the Hanover Inn and the Hop, was installed earlier this month. Since 2009, the Little Free Library movement has spread worldwide, spearheaded by an organization of the same name. According to the Little Free Library website, these free book exchanges aim to “promote literacy and the love of reading” and to “build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.” As of Jan. 15, 15,000 Little Free Libraries were registered with the organization across at least 56 countries . The quaint structures in Hanover have been in the works for over a year, when Howe Library staff and trustees decided it would be a worthwhile project. Howe Library director Mary White said she was drawn to the idea by the opportunity for outreach it provided the library. “A lot of… Read more »