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The People You Find in Different Parts of the Library

In my three years of studying (and procrastinating) at Dartmouth, I’ve learned that where you study in the library has a lot to do with the task at hand. Depending on whether you’re banging out a midterm paper or casually putting your syllabus dates into your calendar has a huge influence on where you’ll be sitting. Most students at Dartmouth vary their study spots and you’ll quickly learn that each area of the library has its own distinct personality. KAF The go-to spot for those with caffeine addictions and a lot of time on their hands. Also good for people with work that only needs about half the normal amount of concentration, so that the other half can be devoted to calling your friends over from the never-ending line and catching up on gossip. FFB FFB gets a bad rep. Once, while working on a lab report there (for real, Chem 6 is no joke), a tour guide walked by and said to her group of prospies that this is where you’ll mostly see people checking Facebook and Gmail and pretending to do work. So while at the time I was all “give me a break, does this titration look… Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: Big Green Mysteries

In life, you will be faced with many questions. Some are big – is there a God? What is justice? Should I stay in bed or go to my 9L? Some are small – what should I get for breakfast? Which Instagram filter should I use on the millionth picture I’ve taken of Baker Tower covered in snow? Tree or shrub? Welcome to week five. It’s Carnival, it’s beautiful and snowy outside (and a treacherous death trap) and hopefully your midterms are taking a hiatus for now. Either way, ditch the library because you only get four Carnivals, and as relatively sucky as this weekend might be, by the time you get to senior year you’ll wish you had hung out more. Unless your GPA is a 1.5, in which case get your act together. In any case, week five is a time for reflection. We’re halfway through the term, which means that in all likelihood all the big, sweeping goals you set for yourself have faded and you have more work to make up than you can handle. For me, it means that I’m spending half of my time doing reading for my classes and the other half watching… Read more »

The Nine Stages of Attempting to Study in the Library

 Trips to the library start with the best intentions. I usually saunter into Baker-Berry with a well-thought out plan to finish all my reading for the week, outline that gov. paper and finish all of my FSP apps multiple weeks in advance. Realistically though, most of my library excursions end up looking a little more like this: 1. Deciding where, exactly, to study. This is a decision often more stress-inducing than the actual work itself. Should I go to FFB for facetime? 3FB for slightly quieter facetime? The stacks so I can actually get work done? Nah, the stacks are way too grim. And staircases are daunting. Periodicals it is. 2. Wait, a coffee run is definitely necessary. Luckily, KAF is right there! Standing in line gives me plenty of time to contemplate what to order. Should I go for a large medium or a large dark? (Wait, that’s not even what they’re called anymore. I’d better just get hot chocolate.) 3. Being distracted by six people I know.  Commiserating about how much work we have to do is way more appealing than actually doing it. Also, last night’s Girls is just begging to be discussed. 4. Okay, now it’s time to start studying… Read more »

Day of the Dead display will continue through Wednesday night

ANGIE YANG/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

A special holiday was recognized on Oct. 31 and celebrations have not yet ceased in Baker-Berry Library. No, the holiday to which I’m referring is not Halloween, but Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration that is observed from October 31st to November 2nd. The colorful display across from the Stacks entrance on First Floor Berry serves as an altar to honor this traditional holiday.

Ballet Folklorico de Dartmouth, an organization that teaches and performs Latino traditional dances, set up this annual display to celebrate the Mexican tradition. Day of the Dead commemorates the belief that the souls of the dead visit their families during those three days…. Read more »

Baker Tower bells accept song requests

We’ve all heard the bells in Baker Library Bell Tower ring to the tune of the Dartmouth Alma Mater among other songs as we rushed to our 10A or threw frisbees on the Green. For new students on campus, including members of the Class of 2016, hearing the bells for the first time chime to “Hi Ho! Hi Ho!” and “Lean on Me” induces smiles and pleasantly surprised expressions. Visitors, students, and faculty alike are naturally curious to know how the bells work…. Read more »

Library digitizes materials under Digital Library Program

Under the Dartmouth Digital Library Program, a wide range of library collections is now available in digital form for free to everyone. The current digital program started about five years ago, and is now starting over again with a more formal program and under a more consistent fashion of digitalizing materials, Peter Carini, College archivist said.

The aim of the program is “make collections more easily accessible and in particular support for teaching,” Carini said…. Read more »