What’s really under the Baker Tower Construction Zone


Baker tower is hands down the most recognizable symbol on campus. As a freshman, Googling pictures of Dartmouth yielded Baker tower, smiling white people and Sperry’s with socks. On the first day of freshman year I anticipated its familiar façade, but alas, it was covered in a giant and probably unnecessarily expensive tarp with its picture on it.

That got me thinking: Are they actually renovating the tower? Or is there a whole other project waiting in the wings to be revealed only when the tarp comes down? So, inspired by DJ Khalid telling me not to “play myself,” I decided to come up with some conspiracies to explain what is really under that picture of Baker tower.  So, what could really be under there you ask? Continue reading

Finals Bingo

The Stacks have hit max capacity, Novack is poppin’ and the KAF line officially wraps around the building. What is happening? Week ten has arrived, and with it the migration of the entire student body to Baker-Berry. This finals week, avoid tearing your hair out in crowd-induced frustration—play a game of Finals Bingo during your two-hour wait for chocolate milk (with a shot):


The Definitive Ranking of 1902 Room Portraits


It’s been an eventful year in the world thus far. I won’t bore you with the details, since I hope you all read the news, but trust me — 2016 has been lit.

Much to my dismay, however, one of this year’s most inspiring events has gone largely unnoticed by local and national media. Maybe you’ve noticed as you walk through the library, but people, the 1902 Room has a new guardian — and you need to pay attention.

Continue reading

Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: $10 Theses

Courtesy of Margaret Jones

As college students, we are all looking to make a little money here and there. Some highly motivated individuals take it upon themselves to get a real job, some people are simply #blessed with trust funds and, finally, some are the lazy, make-money-while-putting-in-as-little-effort-as-possible, Mr. Krabs of the world like yours truly. So, obviously, when I was informed of a certain rumor that I could profit monetarily from investigate, I was all in. Continue reading

Cool Things at Rauner: MLK Day Edition

Courtesy of Annette Denekas, The Dartmouth Staff

I was especially excited to write my Dartbeat story for this week after receiving my assignment from my editors. Grace’s exact words to me were this: “Ask the Rauner librarian to show you the coolest shit they have.” Following her eloquently stated orders, I did just that (though using a slightly more polite phrase, of course).

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the librarian revealed an original 1960 letter that Martin Luther King, Jr. had sent to Hugh Morrison, the Dartmouth course director at the time. Continue reading

Stall Street Journal: Dartbeat Edition

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.25.08 PM

You’re working hard as ever on first floor Berry, feeling good.  You are on top of you problem set, you put a real shirt on today, and you even woke up early enough to get coffee before your 10.  Then you feel it.  Oh no, you’re not going to make it to the sanctuary of the periodicals bathroom.  You run to the stalls on first floor Berry.  As you reach to take out your phone a horrible realization washes over you: you left it at your desk.  Sad, bored, and taking a dump you resign yourself to entertaining yourself the only way possible: reading the Stall Street journal.  The publication on campus with the most captive audience: people going to the bathroom. Continue reading