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2048: Dartmouth Edition

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Whether you’re roaming the library or just struggling to get through your 10A, it’s almost impossible to avoid  2048, the game that has taken our campus (and everywhere else) by storm. The game that has produced several spin-offs was created this March by 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. The goal of the original game is to match tiles in multiples of two in the hopes of getting to the number 2048. If you’ve never played, don’t start – it is an incredible timesuck and midterms aren’t going anywhere. But if you’re already far down the path of addiction, there’s no harm in checking out this Dartmouth-themed edition of the game. Instead of multiples of 2, the tiles feature the block Dartmouth “D,” a picture of Phil Hanlon and more.

You can play the game “2048: Dartmouth Edition” here

Found or Lost a Fracket? Let Jacket Racket Know

There are few experiences more tragic than losing a fracket on a freezing cold night out. Luckily, three members of the Class of 2017 have devised a system to return frackets expediently to their rightful owners. Called Jacket Racket, the system will allow students to purchase tags for their frackets, each with a unique identification number. If someone finds a lost jacket, he or she can blitz Jacket Racket with the tag’s identification number. Then, Jacket Racket will return the jacket to its owner. An online platform will help facilitate the return process. The program was developed by Brad Geismar ’17, Jake Greenberg ’17 and Terren Klein ’17. Greenberg came up with the idea after his own jacket was stolen earlier in the year, along with those of many of his friends. “The prevailing notion was that no one was going around taking jackets out of malicious intent,” Greenberg said. “People were taking jackets because they wanted to keep warm.” Jacket Racket will serve as a centralized forum for returning lost jackets, rather than having students rely on hopeless Facebook posts or blitzes. Class pages on Facebook are the only viable way to find lost jackets currently, Klein said. Beta testing for the… Read more »

Around the Ivies

BROWN UNIVERSITY: Brown will expand its Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards program for this summer, the Brown Daily Herald reported. The program, which grants stipends for research projects, will offer 50 additional awards and increase the stipend from $3,000 to $3,500. The expansion aligns with university president Christina Paxson’s recent push to offer students research opportunities. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY:  Columbia’s celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month began Tuesday night, the Columbia Spectator reported. The events planned for April include a mock Pakistani wedding and Chinese lantern festival. CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Cornell saw low voter turnout in its Student Assembly elections this month, the Cornell Daily Sun reported. Though the elections committee hoped to see at least a 50 percent turnout, under 30 percent of the undergraduate population voted. Students speculated that the timing of Cornell’s February break and several uncontested races could have contributed to the low turnout. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: The Harvard Art Museums are establishing a student advisory board to involve students more directly, the Harvard Crimson reported. The board will consist of both graduate and undergraduate students and will work to increase student participation in museum events and exhibits. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: Princeton has set up clinics to issue the meningitis B… Read more »

Top Eight Online Services/Apps This Campus Needs

Ever go to KAF during a non-rush hour to find a line stretching all the way into Baker lobby? Wish there were an app for that? Here’s a list of the top eight online services or apps that would make campus life so much less stressful. Computer science majors, I’m looking at you. 1. Pong lines by frat. The app should also list the number of people in each frat by class year, and note whether or not there is a dance party. This way, you can locate your ideal scene at any given moment. 2. Number of seats in the library, by popular study area. Ever wander around for 20 minutes looking for the ideal study spot? This app would list the number of open seats in Periodicals, First Floor Berry and other popular study areas. Less time looking for a spot = more time to procrastinate on BuzzFeed, cough, study. 3. Amount of ice/mud/other treacherous conditions on the Green. The app would issue an advisory warning if wiping out were even a remote possibility. It’s much better to walk for five extra minutes than to fall on your face in front of everyone. 4. “Who is my dean?” A… Read more »

What Hanover Restaurant Are You?

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Profile: Some Kind of Jet Pilot

Thirty Below Courtesy of Some Kind of Jet Pilot

If you’re looking for original alternative music right here on Dartmouth’s campus, you should check out the new student band Some Kind of Jet Pilot. The band, made up of Ted Owens ’16, Daniel Shanker ’16 and Josh Cetron ’16, started playing together informally this past fall. The three discovered each other after entering their names into a musicians’ database that was blitzed out over the summer. “We each brought to the table some of the stuff we had written independently and it became a more cohesive thing as a result,” Cetron said. The three members have combined their different musical backgrounds, which all generally fall within the rock genre. According to Owens, the band has its own style, “a blend of alternative and folk.” Aside from a few covers that they play at live shows, the band writes all of its own music. With 16 original songs currently completed, the band hopes to finish another four tracks by the term’s end. “We really enjoy the creative process,” Owens said. “It’s fun when one person brings an idea for a song to the other two. It’s a very collaborative process that I think we’ve benefited greatly from.” The band’s name… Read more »