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Bleachers’ “Rollercoaster” Music Video Review

The best kind of music video complements the song, providing a visual that goes along with the feel of the song. It doesn’t have to be crazy elaborate, and in fact that often takes away from the song itself (case in point: any of OK Go’s videos). But Bleachers’ new music video released Tuesday, “Rollercoaster,” is one of the perfect videos that adds to the song without overpowering it and stays consistent with the vibe of the song, much like “By Your Hand” by Los Campesinos!, “Dog Problems” by The Format and “Bullet” by Steel Train. The song “Rollercoaster” is an ’80s-inspired anthem, detailing a fast-paced, thrilling love affair. Sonically, Bleachers’ lead singer and songwriter Jack Antonoff told Pitchfork, the song always felt to him like “driving on a highway.” So he went to the video director, Richard Shepard, with the idea of the band playing on top of a moving car. The video begins with the band driving down the highway in an old ice cream truck with “Bleachers” painted on the side. The members sleep in the back until a honk from a passing car wakes them up. With this Antonoff looks out the window to see a blonde girl… Read more »

Sonic Space: Young Summer

Even though “Siren” came out in August, its dark synth core and layered, gauzy sound makes it perfect for the drizzly October days that lead up to Halloween. The debut album for D.C. artist Young Summer, aka Bobbie Allen, surpasses the promises of her first EP “Fever Dream.”  A collection of 12 tracks that flow seamlessly, “Siren” is a mixture of Young Summer’s previously released work and new material. Fans of Allen will be happy to see both “Fever Dream” and “Waves That Rolled You Under” on the album.  Even if you’ve been listening to Young Summer’s singles on repeat for the last year (which, yes, I have totally been doing), it’s worth listening to the album as a whole. The context of the new tracks makes the old ones feel more grounded, like putting the last pieces into a puzzle. As near and dear as the older tracks on the album are, the new stuff is addictive. “Striking Distance,” the album’s first track, is a wistful ballad replete with shimmery, dream-like keyboards. It sets the bar for the rest of the album, and not a single track fails to match it.  The intro to “Sons of Lightening” is weirdly… Read more »

Sonic Space: Beach Day

The number of adjective phrases I could use to describe Beach Day and their sophomore album “Native Echoes” is a little ridiculous. They’re sweetened punk-infused ’60s garage surf rock for a start, and their infectious sound is perfect for anyone who likes their beach days to end in huge, salty hair and late night burger runs. On the flipside, the album, while easy listening, can tend toward being a little too easy to forget. Hailing from Hollywood, Florida, the trio consists of Kimmy Drake (guitars and vocals), Natalie Smallish (bass and vocals) and Skyler Black (drums). The group met at a show and bonded over their mutual love for ’60s girl groups (this is how every band should start). After the band released their debut album “Trip Trap Attack” last year, the great Jim Diamond – who worked with the Sonics, the White Stripes and the Dirtbombs – produced “Native Echoes,” giving it a more cohesive feel than the band’s first foray. First the good stuff: “Native Echoes” is perfect for when you want to feel cooler and more romantically melancholy than you are. The first track “All My Friends Were Punks” invokes nostalgia for a phase that I never… Read more »

A Night With Ill Fayze

If you haven’t heard of Ill Fayze yet, you must live under a rock. His social relevancy within the Dartmouth Bubble is about equivalent to Scotland’s independence in the real world. Marcus Reid ’18, otherwise known by his stage name Ill Fayze, became a campus celebrity after releasing his song “McLaughlin Anthem.” This past Wednesday Sigma Phi Epsilon hosted an Ill Fayze Show open to all of campus, including ’18s.  The line to enter Sig Ep stretched 100 people-long as early as an hour before the show, with everyone anxious to see Ill Fayze live.  The crowd was so excited that Sig Ep brothers began letting people in 30 minutes early. I quietly sat in the back as 100 ’18s all chanted “Ill Fayze, Ill Fayze!”  The whole scene probably became approximately 50 Snapchat stories that night.  He began with a few lesser-known original songs, pulling people up to dance with him on stage and even taking a #Selfie, before finally giving the people what they wanted: “McLaughlin Anthem.”  It was so nice that he sang it twice.  At first I thought the song was longer than I remembered, but then I realized he had actually started over and repeated the song for… Read more »

Songs of the Summer: 14X

Every Dartmouth term has certain songs that define the quarter and will always bring you back to a great afternoon by the river or a midnight snowball fight, and 14X is no exception. Here’s Dartbeat’s rundown, in no particular order, of iconic sophomore summer 2014 songs: “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor This song is so catchy and upbeat that it makes all of us want to live in whatever pastel-colored kingdom Trainor is dancing in for the song’s enchanting music video. And with its message about positive body image, it was, of course, a prime choice for a performance at the Tabard’s “Lingerie.” “Problem” by Ariana Grande, featuring Iggy Azalea While the debate over an alleged copycat scenario between Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey rages on, Grande’s spot on this list is clear. From working out to dancing in a frat, this song is perfect for all pump-up situations. “Riptide” by Vance Joy Let’s just hope no one gets caught in a riptide while attempting the Ledyard Challenge. The song’s light acoustic windings are the best soundtrack for an afternoon of tanning at the swimming docks or your ride to the copper mines. “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX… Read more »

Nearby Summer Concerts You Can’t Miss

Summer is full of music festivals and outdoor concerts, although you may have forgotten this living in the Hanover bubble this term. However, there are some fantastic concerts near campus in the next two months that’ll have you scrambling for tickets. Take the opportunity to get off campus, make a weekend out of it with friends and enjoy some great music! Here are some of the best concerts in August and September that you should be sure to mark on your calendars. Kings of Leon with Young the Giant, Aug. 26, 7 p.m., Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook in Meadowbrook, NH This venue is just an hour and a half to the east of Dartmouth and is packed with fantastic entertainment all summer long. Indie rock band Young the Giant hit the mainstream radio waves in the past couple of years, and chances are you still come across “Cough Syrup” and “My Body” on iTunes shuffle. Kings of Leon, a rock band from Nashville, will headline the concert. They’ve received critical acclaim and have raked in an impressive amount of awards for songs like “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody.” Although their concert reviews have been mixed as… Read more »