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Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: $100 Million

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the College recently got the largest single donation in its entire history – $100 million. It was an anonymous gift, which for me conjures up images of a masked ninja swooping in through a window with a giant check or pot o’ gold and swooping back out so no identities are revealed.  Besides the “Who is this moneybags?” question, there is a lot more I am wondering about this donation. Where will the money go? Could the timing of this vote of confidence have been better, at a time when Dartmouth is quickly becoming a national joke? Who has that much money anyway? I’m talking about have-your-own-fleet-of-jets money, throw-as-much-shade-as-you-want-and-nobody-can-say-anything-about-it money. If I had that much money, my toilets would for sure be made of gold. I could build my own college with that much money. But I digress. Here’s what we know – half of the money will be going to build out the academic experience at Dartmouth, and there is a matching program through the end of 2015 that will double the donation. I have more than a few suggestions for where else the money could go. Febreze the Green… Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: The Bucket List


So basically everyone who will ever be a member of the Class of 2018 was admitted this week. Besides the fact that this makes me feel more ancient and irrelevant than I already do, it also means that in September, Orientation Team will be handing out their newest version of “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate.” I remember getting one of these sheets and promptly losing it, though a ton of my friends still have the versions their UGAs gave them posted on their wall, check-marked and all. We talk a lot about the “Dartmouth experience” – yours, mine, ours. The term gets bandied around so much it might as well be in our Dartmouth lexicon, though unlike all the other lingo, there’s no set definition. Everyone knows what facetime is and a blitz is a blitz, but the “Dartmouth experience” is something far more nebulous. Does doing all 101 things make you the Quintessential Dartmouth Student? I wanted to make a bucket list for my senior spring because I didn’t want to graduate feeling like I hadn’t done Dartmouth right, that there was somehow a piece or two missing. I couldn’t even think of things to put on… Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: 94 Days

I remember my first beer. Well, not really, but I remember my first beers at Dartmouth (BG during Dimensions and TDX on the second night of Orientation). I remember the first time I rode the Dartmouth Coach and crossed the Connecticut River onto West Wheelock Street, my first class (Psych 1, obvi), the first time I ordered Collis pasta, the first time I stepped foot in the library (freshman winter, which explains a lot about my 10F grades #noparentswoo). I love firsts. Who doesn’t? They are fresh and new and exciting and the anticipation of doing something for the first time is usually always better than the thing itself. My first pong game? My friend and I got golden shrubbed by one incredibly bored BG ’11 smoking a cigar. The game – the only way it could have gone worse is if BG played tree (Or line. Line sucks). The act of playing pong for the first time – awesome. Yesterday was my last government class of the term. I’m in my second senior seminar, required to finish the major. It’s called Terrorism and Counterterrorism, a pretty grim subject all around. Yesterday, we talked about the future of terrorism, which according… Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: Divide and Flounder

To say that the Freedom Budget proposal emailed out to campus last week sparked a mixed reaction would be an understatement. There have been multiple op-eds, countless conversations among friends and a packed-to-the-rafters meeting in response. As we all know, the proposal is a collection of policy proposals in support of a collection of moral positions. They have been written to address a collection of problems that the proposal’s writers feel have made Dartmouth a worse place to live and to learn than it otherwise could be. There are generally three kinds of issues in the world. There are the issues that have one right answer, issues that have no room for shades of gray. Let’s call this Category A. There are the issues that are basically universally accepted to be problematic or beneficial but lend themselves to disagreement when we discuss how to address them – Category B. And finally, there is Category C – the issues that lack consensus in any regard, not because people haven’t caught up to morality or because we are too comfortable with the status quo to change, but because there aren’t right answers. There are arguments to be made for any side (any,… Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: My Dartmouth


The world can be a scary place. As part of that world, Dartmouth can be a scary place, too. Bad things happen here – sexual assault, dangerous levels of alcohol consumption, incidents where racism rears its ugly head. With every publicized incident that takes place – I say publicized because I am sure there are many episodes that never see the light of day – campus discussion follows a predictable pattern: outrage, condemnation, blame. A quick trip down memory lane – my first week at Dartmouth, an anonymous user blitzed the entire Class of 2014 a song called “Out of Control” detailing the sexual assault of a female student, accompanied by a poem promising that we would “surrender what [we] hold most dear.” Last year, Parker Gilbert, a former member of the Class of 2016, was arrested on four counts of rape. And recently, a male member of the Class of 2017 published a “rape guide” on Bored at Baker. I took great pause when I began to write this article, not because I am unsure in my beliefs or because I am afraid of the response it might receive. I took pause because according to the current tone of campus dialogue – at least dialogue that has… Read more »

Stuff Dartmouth Kids Like: Big Green Mysteries

In life, you will be faced with many questions. Some are big – is there a God? What is justice? Should I stay in bed or go to my 9L? Some are small – what should I get for breakfast? Which Instagram filter should I use on the millionth picture I’ve taken of Baker Tower covered in snow? Tree or shrub? Welcome to week five. It’s Carnival, it’s beautiful and snowy outside (and a treacherous death trap) and hopefully your midterms are taking a hiatus for now. Either way, ditch the library because you only get four Carnivals, and as relatively sucky as this weekend might be, by the time you get to senior year you’ll wish you had hung out more. Unless your GPA is a 1.5, in which case get your act together. In any case, week five is a time for reflection. We’re halfway through the term, which means that in all likelihood all the big, sweeping goals you set for yourself have faded and you have more work to make up than you can handle. For me, it means that I’m spending half of my time doing reading for my classes and the other half watching… Read more »